6 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani and Michael Flynn’s Honorary University Degrees Revoked

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  2. So what if your views align with the crooked pedofile demorats that’s your problem you did make the correct statement when you said some far right leaders of a group were arrested but that is not good enough for you nuts cause it’s about anyone that is for trump a much better president than pedofile Biden will ever be go ahead embrace socialism you won’t like it if it comes why do you think so many people are leaving the countries that have it

  3. And the hate continues…. The University of Rhode Island is also largely guilty of inciting violence. This university should also be revoked and the people in the board that voted to hurt two men should be arrested. In fact, I recommend it. I f something is not done about all of these people that are taking on the role of “God” this is going to get worse and worse. The actions of the University of Rhode Island show they want more hate and hurt to continue with a never ending theme forever.

  4. This sums up a Communist (DemocRAT)…

    Snowflakes, Cupcakes, Democrats, Liberals, Chinese Lovers, Criminals, Sexual Predators, Perverts, Communists, Nazi’s, Terrorists, Taliban… one of the same.

  5. “Honorary Degrees” are about as good as one that cost tens of thousands of dollars.
    Neither really mean anything.
    I would want my kids today to learn a trade or other vocational hands on skill…..and maintain & keep their common sense while they’re learning it.

  6. Who cares about left wing University of Rhode Island. These two guys should be glad their crappy honorary degrees were revoked. Who would want that trashy piece of paper?

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