Arnold Schwarzenegger Involved In Horrific Car Accident

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been involved in a terrifying car accident after his SUV rolled onto a Prius, crushing the car and badly hurting the driver in the process.

Photos of the crash aftermath show the 74-year-old actor’s black GMC toppled over on its side after rolling over the Prius and onto a Porsche Cayenne. According to reports, the female behind the Prius wheel was bleeding from her head and seriously injured.

She was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Of course, the Terminator actor emerged from the crash without a cut on him. The accident went down around 5 PM Friday on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, one mile from Arnold’s home.

In the pictures, Schwarzenegger looks shaken up as cops arrive at the accident scene.

He was photographed speaking with officers about the scary collision that took place moments before. Eyewitnesses claim the crash looked like something out of a Hollywood movie.

Those on the scene revealed the Prius driver was allegedly attempting to make a U-turn at the traffic light when the incident occurred.

According to sources, the crash was so severe that the airbags in Schwarzenegger’s Yukon deployed.

While the actor remains unscathed, he’s reportedly deeply concerned about the injured woman. He has allegedly expressed that he wants to personally check on her well-being.

It’s unclear who was in the car with Schwarzenegger, but his fitness buddy Jake Steinfeld was pictured with the actor in the aftermath photos.

The crash is just the latest reason why the actor is making headlines. Schwarzenegger’s 10-year divorce with Maria Shriver was also finally finalized last month.

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  1. “According to sources, the crash was so severe that the airbags in Schwarzenegger’s Yukon deployed.” Thieves used to jump on your bumper to simulate an “accident” which would release the locks on your doors – that also deployed the airbags.

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