9 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel Reveals the Unlikely Guy Who Could Bring Down Trump

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  2. Jimmy has so little credibility even among the Dems that his opinions are funnier than his so called humor. Trouble with him is both of these marginal talents are of so little interest that he rates lower than reruns of Barney Fife.

  3. I think they all know the Dems are gonna get trounced in November, and that would mean the lamestream Media, Hollywood, and Big Tech. The dominoes are falling, and nothing they do can stop the RED wave. Read it and weep! It’s the PEOPLE’S turn to call the shots. I will pity your whipped little butts, but it’s beyond late for you to pay for the damage to our kids.

  4. If I were forced to get my political news and information from Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy Kimmel alone, I’m quite sure I’d go stark-staring mad!
    Poor Jimmy is an all-around “ineffectual”: ineffective at being a comedian (blurting out un-funny, snide remarks), ineffective as a political pundit (the majority of his “news” being false, and ineffective at his job (turns out Ben Stein was much funnier on the duo’s very brief game show named, “Who Wants Ben Stein’s Money”, or something to that effect).

  5. More fake news that will die on the vine.
    But it serves to unify and invigorate the old stubborn democrats and their growing young, gullible, socialist democrats who gleefully post babble over on AOL.
    Meanwhile, biden is PRESENTLY destroying the U.S. and oblivious to Russia and China global aggression.

  6. What does politics have to do with it , a liar is just that, a liar weather they’re a Democrat or a Republican

  7. Oooooh! Top Secret Meetings! oOoOO! Ya got him now ya little troll. Biden’s entire administration has continuously been a secret meeting for the last year.

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