Music Icon Stevie Wonder Calls Out Lawmakers

Stevie Wonder is fed up.

The music icon issued a late night video message on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to call out lawmakers who refuse to act on voting rights.

“Any senator who cannot support the protection of voting rights in the United States of America cannot say that they support the Constitution,” he said. “Stop the hypocrisy.”

Wonder was ticked enough to want to use a four-letter word, but got around it as only he can.

“Cut the bull-tish,” he said, emphasizing the last syllable.

Wonder then issued a call to action:

If you care and support our rights, do the hard work. You can’t please everybody, but you can protect all of us. And to keep it all the way real: The filibuster is not working for democracy. Why won’t you?

See his full video message below:

Voting rights legislation has stalled in the split Senate and there have been increasing calls to break the filibuster rule to get it passed. However, at least two Democrats ― Sen. Joe Manchin (W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (Ariz.) – have said they won’t support ending it.

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  1. Stevie, dear, get a grip. you need to do a little (no, let me correct that, a LOT) of research before you spout off like a fool. The so-called Voting Rights act is a farce that does nothing to further protect the rights of Americans right to vote. EVERY AMERICAN has every right to vote in America right now. This sham act will diminish free and fair elections in our country. And the filibuster is NECESSARY to keep any one party from wiping out and ignoring half of our country. Our founding fathers were genius in creating the electoral college and writing our constitution. Our Constitutional Republic (WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY) is pure genius and well worth fighting for. It is such a pity that so many Americans truly do not know or understand our own history.

  2. Oh my, when anything music might come up I could see seeking the professional opinion Stevie Wonder. When anything concerning the present voting right bill might come up I think Stevie
    Wonder would be one of the last people whose opinion I would seek.

  3. To the replier on Mr. Wonder statement, if our rights are not protected eventually all black and brown skin ppl will not be allowed to vote.
    It sounds sad that I say this, but look how the states are aligning on voting now.

    1. To Anonymous: Please try and educate yourself instead of spouting Democrat talking points. Nobody’s voting rights have been impinged in the least except in the warped minds of liberals and race-baiters. Every race and color of American citizen can vote and has equal access. If you’re talking about giving SPECIAL RIGHTS to certain groups, based on whatever criteria you want to concoct, then that would violate the rights of everyone else. Please stop perpetuating this lie that people of color will lose their right to vote if we don’t enact draconian (and equally discriminating) voting rights legislation. BTW……your voting rights, my voting rights, and every other Americans’ voting rights are already protected by something commonly known (but seldom read) as The Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You might consider taking e a look at both before putting your total ignorance on display. You clearly didn’t pay attention in your American Government class in high school….or you’ve just watched way too much CNN and MSNBC.

    2. What????? What in the name of sanity are you saying! Stevie Wonder, along with blacks like Joy Reid and the rest, are selling their people out again. They’re doing exactly what their ancestors in Africa did when they sold them as slaves to the highest bidder. You really don’t think anything of the blacks do you. They are intelligent, successful and emotionally and mentally balanced people (that is, the ones who’ve left the Democrat Party plantation slave consciousness).They have computers and know how to use them, know where to obtain ID’s, and can use reasoning logic in making decisions. Tell me just who is being prevented from voting.

  4. The only way to POSITIVELY determine who is lying about voter’s rights is to ask the DOJ to go before Congress and list any reported incidents of voter suppression in the whole United States, and how they were suppressed. You will soon find out that there have been ZERO accounts of voter suppression, and a record number of people voted also. This preposterous HR bill is bull-tish at its finest. They will be trounced now and at the next elections in November. You can’t lie to 150 million people and expect nobody will figure out sooner or later that they’ve been duped. WE HAVE THE VIDEO, knuckleheads. Google, Facebook and Twitter cannot hide the truth for even a week. There are millions of other ways to get it out. Face it, the Left is about to be creamed for the next 20 years. Good riddance to the communist loving socialists, who most Americans despise and always have. They got away with a lot with the help of the Media and Big Tech in Nov 2020, but they can start packing their bags and waving BUH-BYE in 2022 and beyond. They better hope Jesus doesn’t come back sooner or it’ll be infinitely worse than a simple political trouncing. It’s called “unquenchable fire”, and I wouldn’t want to be them facing the SUPREME JUDGE.

  5. I have heard ppl say that producing an ID be suppressing voting rights. Where I vote -Calvert County, MD, everyone shows their ID to validate your residence in the county. In the last election there was a group from another county that came to ours to try to disrupt our voting…. Thanks to our Sheriff Dept they didn’t get far.
    We all need to re-read our Constitution.
    Granted, we have problems, but voting rights are much better over what they were last century. The CITIZENS of the USA (only) should vote. You want to vote here? Earn your citizenship!

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