Family Horrified After Florida Cop Shoots Puppy Six Times While Responding To ‘Barking Complaint’

The Miami-Dade Police Department is reportedly investigating the death of an 8-month-old dog, who was killed after an unidentified officer shot the American Bully multiple times while responding to a barking complaint.

NBC 6 South Florida reported the shooting took place on Wednesday around 7 p.m. local time in unincorporated Miami-Dade near Miami Gardens.

Video surveillance footage released by CBS Miami shows the unidentified officer outside the family home, standing in the driveway. A Maltese and the American Bully are then seen coming out of the home and running off the driveway in the direction of another officer standing by the police vehicle in the street.

As the American Bully continues barking and makes its way past the fence, the video shows the officer who had been standing in the driveway firing his weapon at the dog several times. The other dog was not shot.

A man and woman can be seen running out of the home following the shooting.

The Miami-Dade Police Department did not immediately return PEOPLE’s request for comment, but CBS Miami reported that an investigation into the incident is underway. Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava also addressed the dog’s shooting in a statement to the outlet, saying, “I’m deeply disturbed by this video. The officer involved has been re-assigned to administrative duty and the department is conducting a full investigation into the incident.”

In a phone interview, Dahlia Canes, director and founder of the Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation, an animal rights group working to eradicate breed-specific legislation, told PEOPLE the dog’s owners have retained an attorney.

Canes said the MCABSL also has a meeting with Miami-Dade Animal Services this week to address the situation.

“He had his weapon. He should have used a taser. He could have kicked the dog before drawing a weapon and emptying the entire round of bullets. Again, it was not necessary in this case because the dog showed no signs of aggression,” claimed Canes.

In a statement released to NBC 6 South Florida, an attorney for the dog’s owner, Lazaro Abraham, also noted there were alternative routes the officer could have taken to address the situation.

“Our firm has been retained in reference to this incident,” said Gregory Moore, an attorney retained by the owners, per NBC 6 South Florida. Moore continued, “And we believe that any police officer should not use deadly force unless absolutely necessary. When the officer has other alternative non-deadly means available to him or her, those should be used first before pulling their weapon.”

The MCABSL said it is now working to get officers trained to handle similar incidents in the future.

“What we would like is for officers to get properly trained in these specific situations so this is never repeated again,” said Canes. “This incident could have been avoided. Obviously, the dog did not show any sign of aggression and he was only eight-months-old.”

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  1. The COP earned Himself KARMA and a Boomerang and I hope he ends up the same way, no mercy, no grace and only Brutal Violence

  2. Geeze a Police Officer!!! He empties a gun in an 8 mo old puppy who was just probably coming over to him for petting or excitement. That’s the way puppies are.Yet they let the criminals go ,usually, without bail,etc. Guess this guy should get a different job,one that doesn’t require guts.

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