Eerie Last Photo Taken by British Woman Washed Away by Tonga Tsunami

Angela Glover is thought to have been swept away when she was hit by huge waves on one of the islands of Tonga’s west coast, while trying to save dogs with her husband

A British woman who is thought to have died in the Tonga tsunami made a heartbreaking final post on social media, before the danger hit.

Angela Glover is believed to have been swept away when she was hit by huge waves which crashed into an island on the country’s west coast.

Shortly before the tsunami happened the 50-year-old posted a picture of red skies on Instagram, saying she had witnessed “a few swells” as authorities warned of a tsunami risk in the Polynesian archipelago, which is made up of 169 islands.

She wrote: “We’ve been under tsunami warnings today…everything’s fine… a few swells ….a few eerie silences.”

Angela Glover's last Instagram post showed the red sky and eerie silence

Her photo shows the entire sky lit up red as she looked out over a calm ocean.

Desperate family members had appealed for help finding Angela Glover, but a body was today found in the search for her.

Her brother said she had been attempting to rescue dogs with her husband when huge waves battered the island, where she had lived since 2015.Angela Glover has been reported missing in the Tonga tsunami

Angela, who ran a dog sanctuary in Tonga’s capital, Nuku’alofa, was swept away as the island was hit by 4ft waves on the west coast of Tongatapu, the country’s main island.

Her husband James was able to cling on to a tree, and it is believed he later discovered Angela’s body.

Speaking outside the family home in Sussex, her brother Nick Eleini said the family was devastated by the tragedy.

“She was beautiful. She was a ray of sunshine,” he said.Ms Glover ran a dog rescue centre with husband James

“She would just walk into a room and lighten the room up and she loved her life, both when she was working in London and then she achieved her life’s dream of going to work in the south Pacific.

“She always wanted to swim with whales – that was a childhood ambition and that is what drove her to Tonga but she loved her life there and we are so proud of her achievements in Tonga with both her and James starting a business and creating a life there are her charity work with Tonga Animal Welfare Society.

“She was so committed to it.

“She loved animals and dogs particularly.

“The uglier the dog, the more she loved it.

“We would laugh at her when she sent us these photos on Facebook of dogs she had rescued. She was a lovely girl and she was the centre of our family.

“We’re just broken.”

He said Angela had been washed away with four or five dogs who she was walking at the time. The couple were housesitting a home on the west coast of the island.

In a statement Mr Eleini added: “Angela and James loved their life in Tonga and adored the Tongan people, in particular they loved the Tongan love of family and Tongan culture.”Angela Glover has not been seen since she was swept away on Saturday

Family friend Donna Head, posted on Facebook : “The worst news possible has been confirmed by family members. Our Ange did not survive the Tonga Tsunami.

“I have no words other than I’m utterly heartbroken and numb. May our beautiful friend rest in peace. Ange, I will look out for your mum, I promise. Good night, God bless angel.”

New Zealand and Australia have despatched military surveillance flights to Tonga to assess the damage.

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