Hilaria Baldwin Posts Bizarre Photo of Alec Holding Up a Drawing

Hilaria Baldwin raised eyebrows online with several images she posted on her Instagram story on Wednesday involving her husband Alec Baldwin.

Instagram stories only remain online for 24 hours, allowing users to post content that will shortly expire. Hilaria’s Wednesday Story post included a series of photos of videos that included a sparkly video tour of the shoes in her closet captioned “SHOE PORN, ANYONE?” and multiple photos and videos of her family, including Alec and some of their 6 children.

In the middle of Baldwin’s Story, there were two photos of Alec. In both of them, he is standing against a wood-paneled wall, staring glumly at the camera as he holds up a drawing. In the first drawing, a frowning man says “Hello!” and a woman in a bikini replies “May I help you?” In the second, the man is lying down, saying “Oh, God. Please help me. I’m dying,” as the woman replies, “Do I know you?”

Hilaria posted these two photos with the captions “ALEC AND HIS DRAWINGS OF HIM AND ME” on the first and “NOT DRAMATIC AT ALL…” on the second, along with a small video figure of herself sarcastically clapping.

The photos were found by reporter Emily Miller, who tweeted one of them and asked if Alec Baldwin was “taunting the sheriff investigating him” for the shooting on the Rust film set.

This writer visited Hilaria Baldwin’s verified Instagram page, saw these photos included in the post, and took the following screenshots:

alec baldwin insta drawings 1

alec baldwin insta drawing 2

Screenshots via Instagram.

Both Hilaria and Alec have posted about their stress in the aftermath of the Rust shooting, including an Instagram video from Alec in December thanking his supporters and stating that his family was “the only thing I care about.”

The New York Times recently reported that Alec had not yet turned over his cellphone in response to a subpoena, a report which Alec disputed, claiming that it was “bullsh*t” and a “lie,” and he was “1000% going to comply.” However, Miller spoke to the Sante Fe, New Mexico sheriff and was told that so far the cell phone had not been turned over:

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  1. Baldwin believes in God? From his orations I was under the assumption, HE WAS a HOGGYWOOD COMMUNIST, WHO ONLY BELIEVES IN GENOCIDE OF FREEDOM

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