4 thoughts on “Woman puts baby up for adoption after discovering father’s true identity

  1. Ms. Sasaki believes it to be “unacceptable to essentially discard the child”, but what about the fertility facility essentially breaking their contract with this woman? Would Sasaki have preferred to give the nod to abortion instead?
    After discovering the sperm weren’t as represented, the woman had the right to an abortion or adoption and she chose adoption or foster care.
    If Japanese fertility clinics cannot better control the quality of their product, then clients of the clinics ought not to be made to accept the results — basic contract law, so what’s the big hullabaloo?

  2. Ms Johnson read article again. There was NO clinic. She voluntarily slept with a man who lied about his background.

  3. If the women feels giving the child up for adoption is something she can live with-let it be.
    At least she did not feel so desperate that she killed the child.

    She still should be praised for her decision not condemned!!

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