Kimmel Mocks Ted Cruz, Marjorie Taylor Greene For ‘Historically Stupid’ Claim

Jimmy Kimmel found a “bananas” new conspiracy theory circulating in right-wing media ― and it’s already got support from two members of Congress: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

Or, as Kimmel called them, “Klan Mom and the Blobfish.”

It’s the notion that a man named Ray Epps, who was seen egging on the crowd the day before the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol, was a secret agent for the FBI.

It’s been pushed by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and others in the far right, including Cruz, who asked an FBI official about Epps during a hearing this week.

The Epps conspiracy theory has already been debunked.

But Kimmel said it should’ve been obvious all along.

“They say he was really an FBI agent in disguise as an idiot who tricked Trump supporters into ransacking the Capitol, which would be quite an episode of ‘Punk’d,’” Kimmel said, referring to the prank TV show. “We are living in historically stupid times.”

See more of his takedown ― including a “totally true” conspiracy theory of his own ― in his Thursday night monologue:

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  1. Kimmel is losing audiences the more he opens up his Mack Truck Mouth. He is hated more than he thinks. Perhaps he was in the Mafia or the KKK?

  2. According to Kimmel we are living in incredibly stupid times. I have to agree with him completely. But, I have to point out that Kimmel is the poster boy for stupidity. So he is an example of these incredible stupid times not Sen. Cruz or MTG.

  3. As usual, Kimmel is right in point for a segment of the America — the segment which wears aluminum hats and believes the world will end tomorrow. He does, however, report Biden has an approval rating of 1/3, which might be a little high (ya think?) and then goes completely bonkers by supporting Biden’s vaccine mandate over the Bill of Rights and several laws and constitutions in multiple states protecting our personal rights — like the Patriot Act hasn’t already destroyed enough!

  4. Stupid is saying things he really doesn’t know to be true. I have seen nothing on this being debunked in any outlet. Talk about a closed and biased mind. Is no group in charge of insuring the public that dangerous rhetoric will not be allowed when presented as the gospel truth? He is a repeat offender and very offensive period.

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