2 thoughts on “Judge sentences Corey Johnson to life in prison for killing 13-year-old at 2018 sleepover

  1. I can definitely see the behavioral problem which the judge apparently saw, leading to the judge’s decision to levy the life sentence. Without knowing the people or all the issues involved, I still lean toward blaming those (including family and doctors) around Johnson [Note: No relation to this correspondent] for not seeing this coming a mile away. While the internet is crawling with defenders of Islam (which they call a “peaceful” religion, I’d like to remind them the Koran orders the faithful to “kill the barbarian” wherever “the barbarian” is seen. Who’s the barbarian? Why, anyone who isn’t a practitioner of Islam, of course!

  2. Hey Johnson…
    You are a moron…. and you certainly found the right religion!!!
    You’re a goof and a loser who got cheated out of a full brain when you were spawned!!!!
    lol lol
    At least with a “life” sentence, we know you will be in prison for the next 10 years.
    Enjoy yourself…..loser!!!

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