Matt Lauer Gearing Up To Drop A Bombshell Tell-All

An insider tells OK! Matt Lauer has been quietly waiting for the opportunity to drop a bombshell tell-all — and 2022 will be the year he finally speaks out.

Since the disgraced former Today host was fired in 2017 after a colleague accused him of sexual assault, “Matt has kept his head down because he knew the timing wasn’t right,” dishes the insider. “Now he feels the dust has settled, and there will be more sympathy for him at long last.”

Lauer, 64, who has been dating PR exec Shamin Abas since finalizing his divorce from longtime wife Annette Roque, “will spare no truth about the people he feels have betrayed him,” the insider shares.Source:

While Today cohost Savannah Guthrie is too popular and powerful for him to take down, “she’ll be worth a mention at least,” predicts the insider, adding that he’ll also likely take a jab at controversial interview guests like Tom Cruise.

“He’s already plotting out the book,” continues the insider. “Matt will pick his targets carefully, but he figures he has no chance of making a TV comeback and has nothing to lose by getting his revenge.”

As OK! previously reported, Lauer felt so bitter about the scandal and his subsequent firing that he only talks to old friends he believes will be on his side.

“He just stays to himself, he doesn’t really reach out to people very much anymore or engage them and so he’s been losing touch with a lot of people,” an insider explained. “When he left the Today show, he didn’t get paid a penny after he got fired. NBC stuck with that. He’s presumably sitting on mountains of money but then again, he had a lot of money in real estate.”

“He only wants to talk to people who are gonna take his side,” the insider added candidly. “He still feels like he got railroaded.”

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  1. He would have been venerated by NBC if he had lasted to the “woke” era where women’s rights are regarded as a sideshow not worthy of any news coverage. Too bad for him and for women’s rights.

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