Premature Baby Abandoned in Box Outside in Alaska on NYE with a Note

A baby was left abandoned in a box in Alaska on New Year’s Eve with a note from his mom begging “please help.”

The newborn was found by Roxy Lane, of Fairbanks, who took him to a nearby hospital after she spotted him wrapped in blankets in the freezing conditions.

In the note, shared online by Lane, baby Teshawn’s family wrote: “Please help me!!!

“My parents and grandparents don’t have food or money to raise me. They NEVER wanted to do this to me.

“Please take me and find me a LOVING FAMILY. My parents are begging whoever finds me. My name is Teshawn.”


The note went on: “I was born 12 weeks premature. My mom was 28 weeks when she had me.

“My mom is so sad to do this.”

Temperatures were as low as 1 degree on the day Teshawn was found but officials said he is “in good health.”


After finding little Teshawn, Roxy said: “Please, someone knows this new mom, check on her! She might be in a desperate situation, feeling abandoned herself.

“Clearly, someone in our community felt so lost and hopeless that they made probably the hardest choice of their lives to leave that innocent life on the side of the road with nothing but some blankets and a name.”

Lane added: “But she named him! There’s some love there, even if she made a terrible decision.

“There is always a safer, humane choice to surrender a baby and you will not get in trouble or even have to answer any difficult questions.

“Take the baby to a fire station, or church, or hospital and they will take care of them.”  

The baby’s mom has not been identified.


Alaska State Troopers confirmed the discovery of the newborn in a statement.

They said: “On 12/31/21 at about 1400 hours, AST in Fairbanks received a report of a newborn child that was found abandoned in a cardboard box.

“The child was alive and seemed to have been abandoned at the location recently. 

“There was a note left with the child indicating the parent could not take care of it.  The child was transported by EMS to a local hospital and was found to be in good health.

“Alaska State Troopers are asking that anyone who may have information about this child, contact AST in Fairbanks by calling 907-451-5100 or submit a tip anonymously through the AKTips smartphone app.”

Original Article: I found a premature baby abandoned in box outside in Alaska on NYE with a note from his ‘sad’ mom begging ‘please help’ (

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  1. Find the mother a prosecute her. That is attempted murder for gods sake. If you don’t want your child there are acceptable places to take it. Leaving it on the side of the toad is not one of them.

  2. Prayers for baby, his momma and their family! Not the best solution for help but at least baby is safe and not murdered. I hope they find mom and make sure she is okay.

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