General Urges Military Members to Stop Listening to ‘The Pillow Guy’ Mike Lindell

Retired military general Steven M. Anderson blasted MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell in an interview, while warning of the existence of Trump supporters within the military. 

Anderson, who served in the US Army for 31 years, spoke on Saturday to CNN’s Pamela Brown about the upcoming 2024 elections and solutions to address the “extremism that has gone on within the military.”

Lindell has become well known for spreading baseless voter fraud claims, which Anderson alluded to during the interview. The former general urged people to ignore such claims and “stop listening to the Pillow Guy” in an effort to educate themselves about how elections work.

Anderson made the reference to Lindell while discussing what he described as a threat within the military. “We’ve got some people that just haven’t been educated. They haven’t been found out, and they’ve grown in power through perhaps inaction on the parts of some of our key leaders,” he said during the interview.

“We need to do what we can do now to identify those people [within the military], get them out of our ranks, and train the rest of the force on civics one on one about how our country is supposed to work, how elections work, stop listening to the pillow guy [Lindell] and start learning about our country and how it’s actually supposed to run,” he added.

Lindell has claimed his first encounter with Trump back in 2016 came about through “divine appointments.”

The business mogul often appears on TV, radio shows, and podcasts, where he repeats claims that the 2020 election was stolen from former president Donald Trump, without providing any evidence.

He’s also held various events, including a “cyber symposium” and a 96-hour marathon “Thanks-a-Thon” livestream in November, in a bid to convince more people that voter fraud did occur. There is no proof, however, of widespread voter fraud

Recently, he told Insider’s Cheryl Teh that he’d spent $25 million trying to overturn the 2020 election and was willing to spend everything he had and “sell everything” for his cause.

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17 thoughts on “General Urges Military Members to Stop Listening to ‘The Pillow Guy’ Mike Lindell

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    1. Better than listening to a known liar and thief. Lindell belongs in a rubber room. Let him sell everything and still not be able to prove anything. Because there’s nothing to prove. Lindell is an idiot.

      1. Glad you’re anonymous since you have no name and also no brain. Live under a rock, do you?

  1. The Collection was stolen from Donald Trump with the fucking crooked Democrats they’re trying to turn USA into socialist myself for one as an American Patriot will never allow this to happen I will never cave to losing my 1st and 2nd Amendment rights

    1. Here’s one on you. This has always been a socialist country. ALWAYS. Trump is trying to turn it into a dictatorship. Learn your basic history and civics. You are just one more uneducated idiot.An american patriot does not foment a riot to overturn the government. THSAT IS THE DEFINITION OF A TRAITOR.

      1. More meaningless stupidity. You’re plain nuts! You’re just a low grade troll.

  2. We cannot let the Crooked Democrats turn America into socialist China they tried to call Donald Trump a dictator what is Joe Biden deal with all this mandates threatening to lock unvaccinated people up I hope they try to come to my door I’m not getting vaccinated

  3. Retired General is an idiot !! No Military Member is going to join a coup to overthrow our Government. Hid rhetoric is going to cause problems. Lock him up.

  4. This article doesn’t pass the smell test. First of all how can anyone trust what comes out of CNN these days? Look how their ratings have crashed under the fake news issues and exposure of pervert employees. There is plenty of proof of election fraud in 2020 and for this to blatantly deny is either insanity or a failure to honestly inspect the vast published facts. There is enough evidence to present to the US Supreme Court with many State Attorneys General in written support. This article refuses to even mention that fact. This piece is radical left wing propaganda at its finest.

  5. Just because he’s a general doesn’t mean he’s not an idiot. Why is he afraid of free Speach?

  6. he just said that trump supporting conservatives are ignorant, uneducated hillbillies that just dont get how the government functions…ive got news for him…hes in for a big surprise if thats truely what he believes…our warfighters are better educated than ever before.
    They serve because they believed in the constitution as written, because they believed the people of this nation are worth dying to protect. He is trying to fan the flames of dem mania…because he drank the proverbial koolaid

  7. I had the misfortune of growing up next to a well known military base – quickly learned the top brass was not what one would guess. I dated general’s/colonel’s daughters and, later on, a number of their personal secretaries. I found many to be egotistical maniacs, vindictive, small-minded and ignorant, and, in a of couple cases, actual perverts. I later watched Trump have too much unwarranted respect for the military and watched certain ones turn on him. I was no surprised. My person experience goes back many years ago. I can’t help but wonder how much has changed?

  8. Brigadier Gen. Steven Anderson: Retired 2010 and also worked with and spoke out against the Keystone XL pipeline in front of Congress, for the Obama Administration. He’s now Chief Marketing Officer of RELYANT LLC, what is listed as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business based in Knoxville, Tennessee, that provides key construction, logistics, munitions response, and information services to our troops deployed overseas in the combat zone. In other words, he works for a company like Haliburton and Raytheon. We all know who they really are.

    Why should anyone listen to this obvious Traitor? If there is a split in this country and the Military, it’s because of the Communist takeover that is being led by Congress, Biden, and Generals. They’re scared to death of the Enlisted because they aren’t indoctrinated in OCS and the Military Academies like the Officers. They’re also afraid of Vets who know better and have the skills to fight back. If they’re planning on a so-called Civil War, it means they plan to start one.

  9. What are they afraid of the truth, so they have to censor it. What happened to freedom of speech, etc. etc. ?

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