Landlord Shoots His Sister and Father after Seeking Their Eviction

A 47-year-old landlord allegedly shot his father and sister to death just days after trying to evict them from their duplex.

According to KSTP-TV, Ibn Abdullah owns a duplex on the 3700 block of Lake Drive, where he lives in one unit and rents the other unit out to his father, 74-year-old Marchone Abdullah, and sister, 55-year-old Crystal M. Abdullah.

Abdullah reportedly began eviction proceedings against his sister and father on Dec. 20. According to court records obtained by the Star Tribune, Crystal Abdullah went to court in February and forced Abdullah to “replace the toilet, a faucet and smoke detectors, and repair the water heater.”

According to KSTP, on Sunday, Dec. 26, Abdullah went to his brother’s Brooklyn Park home unexpectedly and reportedly confessed to shooting their sister and father in their apartment a few days prior. Abdullah allegedly asked his brother to help him clean up their bodies, warning that there could be an odor.

According to the Star Tribune, another brother went to the Lake Drive duplex and found Crystal and Marchone shot in the head, sitting upright in chairs. The brother reportedly called 911 upon the discovery.

According to court documents obtained by KSTP, the odor in the unit was consistent with Abdullah’s description that they had been shot a few days earlier. Upon further investigation, authorities reportedly found a Glock handgun with two discharged shell casings.

Abdullah was arrested by Robbinsdale police and booked into the Hennepin County Jail with bail set at $1.5 million. Abdullah was scheduled to appear in court Wednesday, Dec. 29.

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  1. THROW THE BOOK AT HIM!!! Shooting your father and sister??? He was a SLUM landlord to his own flesh and blood!

  2. Let this piece od shit rot in his cell, no food, water or toilet. No vest either, than throw him a rope to hang himself with

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