Donald Trump’s Alleged Affair with Mike Tyson’s Wife

Mike Tyson previously confronted Donald Trump over an alleged affair with his wife as the pair’s friendship deteriorated long before Trump became president.

Tyson enjoyed an illustrious career, reigning as undisputed heavyweight world champion from 1987 to 1990 while holding the record for the youngest boxer ever to win a world title.

During his time in the limelight Tyson enjoyed a healthy relationship with the former US president Trump whom he first encountered early in his boxing endeavours.

However the friendship was not all plain sailing with Tim O’Brien, author of the book TrumpNation, recalling an incident between Trump and Tyson over an alleged affair.

Tyson had angrily confronted Trump over an affair with his ex-wife Robin Givens to whom he was married to for a year from 1988.Mike Tyson was married to actress Robin Givens when the claim was made (Image:Getty Images)

The author claimed Tyson accused his friend of having an affair with Givens and angrily approached Trump.

“Could I ask you, are you f****** my wife?” Tyson reportedly asked Trump.

O’Brien has since quoted Trump’s first-words after the meeting : “Now, if I froze, I’m dead… you would have zero chance. Here’s the heavyweight champion of the world, and he’s a solid piece of fu***** armour.”

Trump’s immediate reply to the allegation remains unknown and was not published in the book alongside the quotes from Trump.

Tyson and Trump had enjoyed a long working-relationship ever since their initial meeting in the late 1980’s.

During the time, Tyson fought in a huge bout with Michael Spinks which Trump bid a bumper $11million to stage at the Atlantic City Convention Hall near to his New Jersey HQ.

He completed a sensational opening-round KO victory and from then on, Trump admitted his awe for Tyson’s boxing skillset which gripped the nation throughout his explosive career.

Trump even reportedly attended sparring sessions and training camps of his long-term friend who won the undisputed heavyweight world-titles after their friendship began.

Despite being from polar ends of life, Trump and Tyson shared a common theme through their disjointed childhoods.

Trump went on to host more of Tyson’s events with four of his seven title defences falling in Atlantic City which turned into a “Mecca” for American boxing.

The former president later became a chief-advisor to Tyson’s business affairs but also tried to establish an adversary role in Tyson’s marriage with Givens.

Despite their friendship being tested during this time, Tyson has continued to back Trump in the modern-day after the involvement in his boxing rise.

He vocally supported his successful 2016 presidential campaign in which he spoke about their long-term friendship.

Tyson said in a 2016 interview with The Daily Caller : “That sh** is the real deal. Listen: I’m a black mother***** from the poorest town in the country. I’ve been through a lot in life.Mike Tyson is looking to return to the ring once again in 2022 (Image:USA TODAY Sports)

“And I know him. When I see him, he shakes my hand and respects my family. None of them- Barack, whoever- nobody else does that. They’re gonna be who they are and disregard me, my family.”

“So I’m voting for him. If I can get 200,000 people or more to vote for him, I’m gonna do it.”

Tyson then went on to explain how his association with Trump came about and detailed their similarities.

“We’re really good friends. We go back to ’86, ’87. Most of my successful and best fights were at Trump’s hotels. He didn’t manage me, though. He was just helping me with my court case.

“We’re the same guy. A thrust for power, a drive for power. Whatever field we’re in, we need power in that field. That’s just who we are.”

Original Article: When Mike Tyson confronted Donald Trump about alleged affair with boxer’s wife – Mirror Online

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