Teen Arrested After Watching His Roomate Commit Suicide on Christmas

A teenager in Idaho is in custody after he allegedly admitted he watched as his roommate take his own life in a park and then disposed of evidence, authorities said.

“We’re continuing to try to find the answers to a lot of questions we have of what occurred that night,” Star Police Chief Zachary Hessing said, noting that some aspects of the case “don’t make sense to us”

On Dec. 26 around 9 a.m., a passerby found the body of 48-year-old Kevin Hunt in Hunter’s Creek Park in Star. Hunt was fatally shot and lying on a sidewalk, the Idaho Statesman reported.

Detectives investigating the case determined Dakota Travis Honeycutt, 19, was living with Hunt in an apartment in Nampa and they took him into custody for questioning.

“We had somebody who is claiming that this person wanted to commit suicide, and this person assisted in helping him commit suicide,” Chief Hessing said. “Usually, we have people who try to stop that sort of thing.”

According to law enforcement, Honeycutt allegedly said he drove Hunt to the park around 9 p.m. on Christmas and watched as he fatally shot himself with a shotgun. Police claimed Honeycutt said he then took the weapon and tossed it from a bridge into the Boise River before returning to Hunt’s apartment.

A dive team recovered Hunt’s shotgun from the river. Hessing said detectives also found a note in Hunt’s home alluding to taking his own life.

Police arrested Honeycutt on Dec. 27 and charged him with felony counts of assisting in a suicide and destruction of evidence. Police said more charges may be pending. He was being held on $50,000 bond.

Under Idaho law, a person can be charged and convicted of felony assisting suicide for knowingly providing the means or participating in a physical act that results in a person ending their own life.

Original Article: Teenager allegedly admitted to watching roommate kill himself (frontpagedetectives.com)

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