Morning Joe on Why Trump Now Supports Getting Vaccinated

Donald Trump has been praising the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines, but MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough doesn’t trust his motives.

The twice-impeached one-term president’s supporters are most likely to avoid the vaccines, and right-wing commentators Alex Jones and Candace Owens have strongly criticized him for encouraging the shots, but the “Morning Joe” host said it’s all just a political game to Trump as he positions himself to run for re-election.

“A dirty liar condemning somebody telling the truth, a guy who was actually made his living from telling lie after lie after lie after lie and now, Rev. Al [Sharpton], you and I have known Donald Trump for a long time,” Scarborough said.

“I had to laugh last week when people said, ‘Oh, this is Donald Trump saying this and he’ll change tomorrow’ and whatnot. Donald Trump obviously understands what he needs to do to get back to the White House and there is been a debate, is he going to run again, is he not going to run again? This is what Dick Morris would call triangulation.”

“If you lost the suburbs, and Republicans outperformed you, other Republican candidates outperformed you across America because you lost the suburbs because you were embracing the people like the two people who were attacking him right there,” he added, “you move away from them and you let them insult you so people in the Atlanta suburbs, people in the Philly suburbs, people in all these suburbs abandoned him while still voting for other Republicans, they take note of that, they go ‘wait a second, maybe Donald Trump is not that crazy.’ So people who say this is Donald Trump and throwing stuff at the wall, you underestimate Donald Trump.”

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  1. He has always supported the vaccines. He just thinks people should have the individual right to choose. This news outlet is such a fraud and am America hater. I’m sick and tired of your bs crap journalism and as f I r mika and Joe- you can go pound sand for all anyone cares.

  2. Morning Joe sure can’t say anything but Trump is lying or playing games. This guy is so negative its a shame.

  3. Joe and Mika are so vindictive and ugly personalities and jealous people that I think they must have no friends. Iremenber Imus kicking him off his show. He is not remembered as a great anything in Florida “……..” just wish they’ d go away. just to mean and hysterical n their jealously.

  4. It is really quite simple to figure out. If Trump unfortunately decides to run and it is allowed the Omicron strain is is so infectious that his anti vax electorate is likely to die off to the point where his electoral chances even with blatant cheating are likely to be severely compromised.

    1. MIke, I have a RED HOT NEWS FLASH for you. Trump is responsible for the development of the vaccines. Whether or not you get the vaccine SHOULD be a PERSONAL choice. Can you tell me when Trump ever said a damn thing about not getting the vaccines? It is very clear to me that you are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, still. Get help.

  5. Morning Joe, I have a RED HOT NEWS FLASH for you. Trump is responsible for the vaccines to begin with.

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