Bizarre Tube-Shaped UFO Spotted Hovering in Family’s Backyard

2021 has been a great year for UFO enthusiasts. The number of reported sightings is through the roof. In the last year, we’ve seen eyewitness accounts from people from all walks of life. From pilots to government employees, to average social media users, it seems like everyone is seeing UFOs. Most recently two brothers spotted a tube-shaped UFO hovering above their backyard and shared their sighting with the internet.

In a now-deleted Reddit post, the brothers stated that they saw the tube-shaped UFO above their home in October, according to New York Post. In the post, the brothers claimed to enjoy stargazing and taking photos of the night sky. This, they said, is how they captured the picture of the craft. Additionally, it is why they say they were using their cellphone camera’s night mode.

Reaction to the Tube-Shaped UFO

In night mode, the camera’s shutter stays open longer in order to collect more light. However, it will also distort images of a moving object. This led several UFO enthusiasts on Reddit to believe that the tube-shaped craft was actually an airplane. Those commenters claimed that the camera’s long exposure caught the lights of a passing plane and distorted the image.

Others believed that the tube-shaped UFO was actually a satellite in low-earth orbit. However, other commenters noted that a satellite would have to be “pretty low” to be that visible with a cellphone’s camera. One even suggested that the white lights in the photo are stars.

However, not everyone was skeptical of the tube-shaped UFO. One Redditor jokingly commented, “You know what’s happening here is we’re living in 2021 and everyone in the universe is arriving to see our extinction.” Joke or not, that makes the influx of UFO sightings this year seem a little more sinister.

One eagle-eyed user liked the tube-shaped UFO to those spotted in sixteenth-century Nuremberg. Those long, cylindrical crafts were recreated in a 1561 painting and printed in a newspaper that year.

Weighing In

The photo of the tube-shaped UFO is definitely interesting. However, several factors point to it being a poorly-executed hoax. For one, it looks more like a long-exposure shot of a passing airplane than an actual UFO. The white and red lights are in the proper place to be a plane’s flashing lights. Additionally, the fact that someone deleted it from r/UFO weighs heavily against it. Whether the subreddit’s mods or the original poster deleted it is unclear. Either way, that’s not a good sign.

However, the shape doesn’t count against it. Not every craft is shaped the same. In fact, one of the most convincing UFO videos to come out this year depicted a craft shaped roughly like a rubber duck. Additionally, tube-shaped UFOs are not uncommon. Countless people have come forward to report cigar-shaped UFOs so, a tube-shaped craft isn’t that far-fetched.

Whether this photo is real or not, the truth is out there, and we’re a step closer to finding it every day.

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