Doctor Blames Road Rage Shooting on Having a Bad Day

A former Connecticut doctor was arrested this week in connection to an alleged road rage shooting that took place in Vermont in 2019.

Jozsef Piri, who was listed as a practicing family physician in Collier County, Florida, was taken into custody on charges related to the alleged road rage incident that left 44-year-old truck driver Roberto Fonseca-Rivera dead, NBC2 reported.

According to an affidavit obtained by the outlet, Fonseca-Rivera — who worked for Katsiroubas Produce — was on the phone with a friend when he told him that a car in front of him was driving erratically, speeding up and slowing down. 

The friend then said he heard Fonseca-Rivera take a “deep inhale” after hearing a noise that sounded like he dropped the phone before the call went silent. 

Court documents obtained by the Hartford Courant say that Piri, in his initial interview with police one day after the shooting, told investigators that he didn’t sleep well the night before due to a wind storm, and was frustrated with unexpected costs of updates to his secondary residence in Londonderry, Vermont.

He racked it all up to a “s— day,” the docs said, per the Hartford Courant.

In a press release posted to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page, officials said detectives “reviewed surveillance footage, GPS data, photographs and other information to determine that Piri was driving immediately in front of Fonseca-Rivera just before the shooting occurred.”

This morning CCSO detectives, accompanied by detectives with Vermont State Police, served an arrest warrant on a Naples man in connection with a 2019 fatal shooting in Rockingham, Vt.— CollierCountySheriff (@CollierSheriff) December 16, 2021

NBC2 notes that detectives found a magnetic gun holster on the driver’s side door of Piri’s vehicle, and also recovered a total of five guns from his Vermont and Connecticut homes. 

The affidavit obtained by CT Insider states that “the bullet came from outside the cab of the (produce) truck, and it was fired from in front of the truck.” According to the Hartford Courant, a 9 mm caliber handgun that was recovered by investigators had the “same general rifling class characteristics” as the bullet found in Fonseca-Rivera’s neck.

“We are gratified that Vermont state police stayed on this difficult investigation,” Ted Katsiroubas, CEO of Katsiroubas Produce, told CT Insider, adding that Fonseca-Rivera was a “good man just doing his job.” 

“We hope that justice may be done for Roberto and that it may bring his family some peace,” added Katsiroubas.

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  1. Don’t CARE if you’re having a bad day from having to spend $$$ on a SECOND home…You KILLED a man and think that by having a “bad day” you will walk free? THINK AGAIN Birdbrain!

    1. Kendall, as a registered nurse for many years, working short handed, working with very sick, unstable patients, it never dawned on me to kill them or anyone! I thought we were about saving lives, not ending them! I hope he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

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