3 thoughts on “Third-Grade Students in Washington, DC, Forced to Reenact the Holocaust – People are Not Happy About It

  1. Are they planning on reenacting the antebellum times in our nation? The space program? The civil rights movement, including the riots, of the 1960s? If none of the above, they are missing important aspects of American History. The Holocaust is not really part of our history, other than the fact we ended it.

  2. I disagree with “ratwrangler” about the Holocaust not being a part of our history as it is one of the worst atrocities towards a group of innocent people, based solely on religion. If we do not teach our children what can happen if we allow these kinds of actions by people who feel they are superior it will be repeated again. Discrimination of any person is an atrocity itself as no one deserves to be treated indiscriminately. Kids are our future and if we don’t teach them the harsh realities of what has happened in our history; their lives are in jeopardy for what can happen. It is sad enough that people are still discriminated against based on religion, skin color, country of origin as it should not be happening. We all want peace in our lives and in order to keep that peace, our children need to be schooled on the good and bad events of our history. Look at some of our youth who were stating they wanted to live a communistic life, they clearly didn’t understand what that would mean or the impact it would have on their lives. We need to teach the difference between good and bad in school because we have no idea what they are truly be taught or not taught in their homes. Many orphaned children were sent here to the U.S. to be saved from what was happening during the Holocaust.

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