5 thoughts on “Labradoodle Set on Fire in Georgia by Unknown Attackers Is Expected to Recover

  1. Yesterday they behead a cop’s pet dog today they set fire to another dog. Obviously a new scheme to enrage and enflame (sorry) the people to create fear and dissection. Wait for whatsoever is next. Endtimes ahead.

  2. What is wrong with people that poor dog it makes me sick to my stomach to hear shit like this. I think we need to start doing to people what they do to others, their punishment is the crime they committed. I hope someone catches this fucker and sets his ass on fire.

    1. Agreed! But then in my opinion, they don’t get the necessary medical treatment unless they pay for it (up front and with cash or a bank check or AMEX check). Or another way they can get out the f the same treatment is to agree to take a prison sentence of a minimum 10 years with no parole. If the pet dies, then a minimum of 25 years, no parole and no ability to own pets (or their family members) ever again!

  3. This is unbelievable. I hope they get the ones who are doing this. Make them do HARD labor & no breaks.

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