Elon Musk mocks Jeff Bezos, tells him to spend ‘less time in the hot tub’

Elon Musk isn’t shy when it comes to critiquing fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos.

Now the world’s richest man has told the world’s second-richest man to work harder and spend “less time in the hot tub.”


In recent years, much has been reported on the so-called billionaire space race as Musk – with Space X – and Bezos – with Blue Origin – explore alternative ways to sustain human life in space and on other planets.

The Space X and Tesla CEO had always had plenty to say about his rival and has once again taken the opportunity to have a dig at Bezos during an interview with the Financial Times, which declared Musk as their Person of the Year (along with Time who also controversially made Musk their Person of the Year).

While he somewhat praised Bezos for having “reasonably good engineering aptitude,” Musk said that he “does take himself a bit too seriously.”

(Musk probably thinks he’s no fun because he hasn’t called a Senator a “Karen,” and he doesn’t tweet memes – nor has he smoked weed with Joe Rogan, as far as we know).

The 50-year-old then ripped into Bezos’s work ethic, adding: “He does not seem to be willing to spend mental energy getting into the details of engineering. The devil’s in the details.”

Musk then compared himself to the 57-year-old and revealed how he spends 80-90 hours per week at work managing projects at Space X and Tesla.

“In some ways, I’m trying to goad him [Bezos] into spending more time at Blue Origin so they make more progress,” he said. “As a friend of mine says, he should spend more time at Blue Origin and less time in the hot tub.”

Currently, Musk is the richest man in the world with a net worth of $255.1bn and Bezos sits in second with a net worth of $199.2bn, according to Forbes.

Musk has previously teased Bezos for placing below him on the list and reportedly told Forbes he was going to send Bezos a present for his second-place position.

“I’m sending a giant statue of the digit “2” to Jeffrey B, along with a silver medal,” he reportedly wrote in an email to the publication in September, Business Insider reported.

In October this year, Musk also mocked Bezos by tweeting a silver medal at him.

Going by these events, it looks like the fighting talk is only set to continue.

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