Fireworks erupt on Fox News after Geraldo blames Trump for inciting Capitol riots

Fireworks erupted on Fox News Tuesday night after Geraldo Rivera directly implicated former President Donald Trump of inciting riots at the United States Capitol building.

Host Sean Hannity began by asking Rivera why Congress was only investigating the Capitol riot and not the assorted riots that took place in response to the murder of George Floyd last year.

Rivera replied that those riots were not an attack on the American republic and system of government the way that this one was.

“This was a riot that was unleashed, incited, and inspired by the president of the United States, which targeted the heart of American democracy” Rivera charged.

Hannity tried to deflect blame by claiming that Trump had urged protesters to act “peacefully,” without noting the fact that Trump for more than three hours refused to tell the rioters to leave the Capitol after the riots had begun.

Rivera responded by citing Hannity’s own texts that he sent to Meadows during the riots asking Trump to put out a statement telling people to leave.

“I beg you, Sean, to remember the frame of mind you were in when you wrote that text on January 6,” he said. And when Laura did. And when Brian did. And when Don Jr. did! Remember that concern you had. Remember the frustration you had at our beloved 45th president.”

Guest Dan Bongino wasted no time in accusing Rivera of disloyalty.

“The backstabbing of the president you’re engaging in is really disgusting!” he fumed.

Original Article: Fireworks erupt on Fox News after Geraldo blames Trump for inciting Capitol riots – Raw Story

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  1. Geraldo shows everybody how stupid he is by not realizing the truth to what’s the corrupt Democrats are really doing to America and its people. evidently the Democrats must have Geraldo in their pocket also. There’s are a lot of corrupt people in America that would sell out our Country out in a minute for money. Anyone that is guilty of this should be put to death period.

  2. Her-aldo Reeberra is an idiot always has been always will be. His only skill is kissing the right asses to keep him on the air.

  3. Trump was waiting for ANTIFA and BLM to do enough damage to take the Democrats down and it WAS Nancy Pelosi that incited the so called insurrection. A member of ANTIFA got arrested and spilled the beans that it was Pelosi that set it all up.

  4. Geraldo is really stupid and hotheaded think about his Capone’s vault disaster decades ago how stupid he was . He’s a narcissistic loudmouth leftist that spews lies as much as MSM he should go be with his kind at CNN and join Wallace and Shepherd Smith in the parrot propaganda networks ! He sort of sounds like Adam Schitt !! Makes up stories ! Thinks we r dumb enough to buy into it as most Dems think we are stupid!

    U can tell he’s a true blue Demonrat by shouting you down and not let anyone speak .
    He needed to go along time ago .

    I wouldn’t want to be called his frien I’d be pulling a knife out my back !

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