Couple Killed After Letting Man Into Apartment – Security Footage May Hold Answers

On Nov. 22, someone stabbed Daniel Aaron and Kristen McDevitt to death before fleeing the scene carrying a safe

Authorities in Atlanta have released video surveillance footage of a murder suspect, wanted in the stabbing deaths of a young couple in November.

According to Atlanta Police, Daniel Aaron, 31, and Kristen McDevitt, 30, let the suspect into their apartment on Nov. 22.

The suspect — dressed in black, with a face mask obstructing his face — emerged 90 minutes later, and can be seen in security footage running down a hallway, carrying a safe.

Aaron and McDevitt were stabbed to death, according to police.

The suspect may have a nose ring, investigators say. They also want people to pay particular attention to the man’s walk, described as “peculiar” and “distinct.”

“We want individuals to pay attention to the way that this individual walks,” said Atlanta Police Homicide Commander Lt. Ralph Woolfolk. “We think that he has a very peculiar walk, it’s very distinct.”

The suspect lingered outside the apartment building for a while before someone buzzed him in.

He can be seen fleeing the building at 8:15 p.m.

Once outside, the man can be seen hoisting the safe over a fence that is taller than he is. He then pulls himself up and over the fence.

A GoFundMe campaign launched to defray the couples’ funeral costs is now active.

The page described Aaron and McDevitt as “two of the most caring, loving, beautiful people.”

The description continues: “Kristen and Dan were a staple in this community and knew how to spread inclusiveness, compassion, and love. [The couples’] time with us shined with effervescent brightness. Their love was beautiful, brightening and too brief. We need to commemorate them in a proper way dressed up lively and to the nines. They lived and loved in a full spectrum, and we want to celebrate the legacy they have left us.”

Atlanta Police ask that anyone with any information about the murders contact Crime Stoppers Atlanta. Tips can also be called in to (404) 577-8477.

A reward is being offered for information that leads police to the suspect.

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