1 thought on “College Student Dies After Participating in an Underground Frat Fight Club

  1. Life, as most college students learn along the way, consists of choices. Why Mr. Valencia chose to fight when he had no known prior experience may be less important than the fact that he made the choice. His family’s lawyer said “College students should not be placed in a situation where they are pitted against each other for combat,” but we don’t know if Mr. Valencia was “placed in a situation” or chose to be in it. We do know from other sources that this particular campus did have 393 “safety related incidents” i 2019 where students might have been pitted against each other in combat, and many of them were probably placed in those situations, rather than choosing them. This Kappa Sigma Fight Night was advertised beforehand, and apparently sanctioned by Center Ring Boxing, since fraternity was allegedly raising money for them. Why did they have an amateur referee when Center Ring Boxing could have provided a better-trained one? Why did they have no medical staff on hand? There are many questions about this case that need answers, and perhaps the university should just shut down all events like this one until the answers are found.

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