7 thoughts on “ABC’s Jonathan Karl Issues Stark Warning About Covering Donald Trump 2024

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  2. I don’t trust anyone connected to any democrats…..especially reporters who lied every hour about President Trump. Those reporters are all in for the lying deomcrats!

  3. What a joke ALL the supposed main stream meads are anti American and need to be stopped by any means needed. Those assholes make it up to suit their own needs. If they were all to die today it wouldn’t be soon enough.

  4. I can’t believe that there are idiots that really believe what the fake MSM has to say, especially after what has happened in the last 10 months! The media lie, give fake and misinformation, cover for the idiot current president, incite rioting then cover up the destruction, the worst is that they don’t care about keeping our Country free, they would give in to the socialistic, communistic and radical ideas of the leftist. Change the channel and gets some real news, there are news reporter that tell what’s really happening.

  5. ABC has no credibility with lying reporters like Jonathan Karl making up BS to make himself look important. Americans know the truth and it isn’t coming from ABC.

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