Thanksgiving Turned to Family Slaughter After Privileged Son Butchers Parents

A THANKSGIVING celebration turned into a family slaughter after a privileged son butchered his parents and boiled them in a “diabolical” stew to get rid of their bodies.

Joel Guy Jr, 33, was found guilty of killing his mother Lisa, 55, and father Joel Snr, 61, in order to cash in on their $500,000 life insurance after they threatened to cut off his allowance.

The gruesome crime took place when Joel Jr ambushed his parents after he returned home from Louisiana to Knoxville, Tennessee, for the Thanksgiving holiday back in 2016.

Joel Jr stabbed his father 40 times while his mom was out grocery shopping. When she returned, he stabbed her 30 times.

He then set about the grisly task of dismembering their corpses.

According to prosecutors, Joel Jr separated his parents’ limbs from their torsos, and snapped Lisa’s skull from the topmost vertebra in her spine.

He then boiled her head in a pot on the stove while other parts were soaked in acid in blue plastic containers.


Prosecutor Leslie Nassios said: “The killer put Lisa’s body parts in one, and Joel Sr’s in another, and then he covered them with a corrosive substance and left them there to liquefy into some sort of diabolical stew of human remains.

“Then, the killer took Lisa’s head and carried it downstairs, and took it into the kitchen.

“He got out a stockpot, placed her head in the pot, filled it with liquid, carried it over to the stove, covered it, turned on the stove, and left it there to cook.

“This was a monstrous crime.”

Joel Jr planned to use his father’s severed hands to cover up his own fingerprints at the family’s gore-soaked home, Nassos added.

Knox County Sheriff’s Office detective Jeremy McCord described the carnage he found inside the Guy’s home as “the most horrific thing I’ve ever encountered in police work – in my life.”

He said he could feel heat emanating from the home and chemicals permeating the air as he walked into the garage.

Inside, there was blood all down the hallway on the walls and floor, with scissors and clothing that appeared to have been cut from a body, and a large knife.

Joel Jr wrote chilling details in a notebook of how he planned to chop up his parents
Joel Jr wrote chilling details in a notebook of how he planned to chop up his parentsCredit: WAFB

He saw bottles of peroxide, bleach, acid and rubbing alcohol, and said he could smell the stench of death mixed with the chemicals.

His mom Lisa’s colleagues raised the alarm when she failed to show up for work the following Monday.

By then Joel Jr had gone back to his apartment in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

When he was arrested several days after the murder, Joel Jr was cut up with scratches and bruises, according to detective Scott Henning.

Investigators then found a meat grinder and a gas can in the trunk of Joel Jr’s car.

The bloodbath came after the couple had confronted their son over his never-ending studies, prosecutors said.

Emails shown in trial showed Joel Snr had threatened to stop his son’s allowance as far back as 2013, and he was again growing tired of funding his deadbeat lifestyle.

Joel Jr’s three sisters said the Thanksgiving celebration was uneventful and there was no hint of the horror to come when they went home.


Court records show Joel Jr wrote chilling details in a notebook of how he planned to chop up his parents, flush chunks down the toilet, and melt their fingerprints.

Bullet points in the handwritten notes read: “Douse killing rooms (kitchen?) with bleach.

“Flush chunks down toilet, not garbage disposal… don’t have to get rid of body if no forensic evidence,” he wrote, adding he planned to turn the heat up “to melt fingerprints and dry everything.”

The notebook was reportedly found in a backpack in the guest bedroom where he had been staying for the Thanksgiving holiday, prosecutors said in court.

One entry says: “Get killing knives – quiet, multiple…get sledgehammer – crush bones…bring blender and food grinder – grind meat.”

Another is said to reveal the motive. It reads: “He’s not alive to claim her half of the insurance money – all mine $500,000.”

The notes then even show Joel Jr’s alleged attempt to create an alibi for himself, writing: “Set her phone to send me a text message late Sunday to prove that I was in BR (Baton Rogue) and she was alive.”

During his trial Joel Jr bizarrely pleaded with the court to execute him if he was found guilty.

However, prosecutors were not seeking the death penalty in the case and Joel Jr was sentenced to life in prison in 2020 after being found guilty of of two counts of premeditated first-degree murder, three counts of felony murder, and two counts of abuse of a corpse.

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