2 thoughts on “Man Convicted of Raping the Lovely Bones Author Exonerated After Netflix Producer Hired Private Investigator

  1. What a shame. This innocent man lost so much. Lost his chance to be a Dad , husband. Now he gets a bullshit apology and a slap on the back. What about the people that did this. Put them in prison for as long and see if they are man and woman to handle it. The D. A. is only trying to play him so he does not Sue the city that did it to him. Sue the f… out of them. He has that coming. This is a shame. I see another guy released. A black man. He did 47 years for something he did not do. 47 years. He’s lucky to be alive. His whole life gone. He was 19 when he went in and in a wheelchair when he was released. And so humble. He has God in him. I wish both the best of luck. Stay away from rappers and gang bangers. Find a quiet clean neighborhood. And find peace and comfort in God. Your reward is coming. This world is going off a cliff. The USA has deliberately ( Not the USA. BRANDON ) been sold out by a grifter phoney crooked bunch. They are socialists Marxist communist in the white house. This is NOT the USA anymore as you knew it. It’s worse. Stay away from anybody you do not trust. Watch what you put on internet. It will be there for eternity. That’s it. Good luck. God speed.

  2. There is no greater crime inAmerica than an innocent man be put in prison for any length of time ! The longer he stays the worse the crime and the greater the punishment should be for those causing it ! Compound the punishment when clearly done intentionally ! As Franklyn once said better a thousand guilty gofree than one innocent be blamed !

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