Jayshawn Boyd: Inmates throw microwaves on mentally ill man’s head in CHILLING jail video

A frightening video was shared on social media on Sunday, November 21, showing a prison gang beating a schizophrenic inmate till he was unconscious with anything they could get their hands on, including an industrial broom and a microwave.

On September 23, a group of seven inmates began beating Jayshawn Boyd, 22, in a common area of New Jersey’s Essex County Correctional Facility, according to the video.

Guards did little to stop the heinous attack. As Boyd falls to the ground, the assailants surround him and begin beating him up.

One of them was seen wielding an industrial broom, which he used to strike Boyd with while the other convicts continued to pound and stomp on him. The convicts also look for other objects with which to strike the victim.

One man emerges from a supply closet with a pail of mop water, which he pours over Boyd while another stomps on his head. After that, a shirtless inmate is seen grabbing a garbage can and throwing it at Boyd, before turning around and throwing a microwave at him four times. Boyd’s head is hit by the device. Others quickly join in, hurling all they have at the victim.

The two-minute video concludes with one of the inmates rushing up to Boyd, who is lying motionless on the ground with blood splashed all over him, and striking him with the broom once again. It’s still unclear what sparked the attack. On Monday, November 22, Michael Thomas Licciardi, an assistant attorney for Brooke Barnett, who represents Boyd, told The New York Post, “That’s something we don’t know at this point.”

Inmate trying to hit Boyd with microwave (picture credit: Essex County correctional facility)

“It appeared to be pretty quick, within minutes of him getting into the common area. We just received a copy of the video from a family member, who received it anonymously. “

Boyd’s hands were clearly up when five of the individuals in the video began attacking him, according to Licciardi. Boyd’s lawyers filed a tort action against Essex County officials late last month, alleging that correctional employees violated Boyd’s constitutional rights against cruel and unusual punishment by placing him in a ‘gang unit’, despite the fact that Boyd is not a gang member.

On September 9, Boyd was arrested for two domestic disputes involving his mother and brother. According to NJ.com, Boyd was transported from the Essex County jail to Ann Klein, a psychiatric institution in May as he awaited sentencing and a trial for the domestic assaults. He was released pending sentencing and was scheduled to enter a guilty plea to criminal mischief and unauthorized possession of a firearm, but he did not show up for his sentencing on July 28.

Boyd was taken to the Essex County jail after surrendering to a bench warrant at the Union County courtroom. Byad Lockett, Darryl Watson, Isaad Jackson, Tyshon Armour, Henry Asencio, Jaquil Anderson, and Maurice Hutchins, according to Essex County officials, attacked him shortly after. The men were charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, and third-degree rioting, but their cases have yet to go before a grand jury, according to the New York Post.

No prison personnel was spotted trying to stop the brawl during the whole incident, according to Boyd’s attorneys. “It’s equally frightening to witness no involvement of any kind of prison officers,” Licciardi added, noting that the attack lasts for several minutes.

He claimed that it’s a deliberate lack of intervention. Boyd’s lawyers argue that jail authorities were “deliberately oblivious” to the beating in a notice of claim filed last month, arguing that the Essex County Department of Corrections’ carelessness and faulty training provoked the attack. County officials, according to Essex County spokesman Anthony Puglisi, do not comment on topics that are currently under investigation.

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  1. I worked in Corrections for 25 yrs as a Correction Sergeant when I retired. It never ceased to amaze me how vile and violent some convicts can be.

  2. The guards were in on it. They deliberately placed him there. They do it all the time. Either one or more guards did not like him or one or more of the animals told one of the crooked guards to put him in there. Make no mistake. He was set up. Why do you think the guards did not respond ? They put him there and turned their backs. Mentally ill people are despised by guards. They are always victims of everything. They put him in with a gang. Gangs control the prisons. The guards are told by the inmates what to do. And they do it. Just as a guard brought in the cell phone used to take the video. And if they have cell phones they have drugs. And inmates themselves would never do this without a reason. There are channels. He was set up by the guards. They do this shit daily. If they want you hurt or killed…..consider it done.

    1. Robert, Clearly you know absolutely NOTHING about how a jail or prison is run. The housing of an inmate in a particular housing unit is not decided by Correction Officers (not “guards”). It is decided at the administrative level. Mentally ill inmates are not “despised” by the Correction Officers (again not guards). Your allegation that Correction Officers (again NOT ‘guards”) is pure unadulterated poppycock. Inmates attack other inmates all the time. You don’t know squat!

      1. I think Robert knows a whole lot, and you trying to save your butt and the other crooked prison guards. There should be an through investigation, with many of the prisoners involved and guards subject to a lie detector test. I support those who do the crime, must do the time, but not murdered by crooked guards.

      2. Harold Melton. For your edification, (and you need it) Correction Officers are no more crooked than you are. But then again maybe you are a crook.. I served in the NYUS DOCCS for 25 yrs and found 99.9999% of my fellow officers honest and just trying to do the job of keeping criminals behind the bars, walls and fences. For your further edification, a lie detector is useless as tits on a bull. It is a subjective exam based on an interpretation of the test operator and they are OFTEN DEAD WRONG. I doubt any CO was involved in the “murder”. If you bothered to READ the article it says inmates killed him. But then you are not an Einstein are you?

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