2 thoughts on “All 3 Men in Arbery Killing Found Guilty of Murder

  1. The jury is right! This kid was unarmed, harmless, no priors, and just out for a jog! These guys hunted him down and killed him just because he was black. As a sideline – the ‘previous’ DA (Jackie Johnson – look her up) was dismissed and brought up on charges for NOT prosecuting this case. I believe she has since been disbarred. This is shamefully proof that racism exists, but not to the degree the msm projects. I live here locally, within 50-55 miles away, and I have to truly say that there are no beliefs, standards, or mandates in my life that could cause me to defend such reprehensible and evil behavior. My own belief is that racism is a tool used by libs/dems to keep us divided – NOT united. When was the last time you were helped by the dnc (deems/libs)? Check into that question, it’s more about what we believe – NOT what they tell us in the daily news mantra of “here’s what you need to know”! Are you so dumb that someone has to tell you what you need to know? Then live with what you voted for and probably what you deserve! Citizens – take note – what you believe is what you will live!

  2. These three individual deserve to be convicted of Murder. First they tried to make an arrest for a crime they did not see. To make a citizen’s arrest you have to see an actual crime committed. Each of them deserve Life in Prison WITHOUT parole

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