3 thoughts on “Suspect in Deadly Christmas Parade Incident has been Identified

  1. News Media and radical Democrats thinks is ok to run over innocent kids at a Christmas Parade as self defense, let me ask you if that was your child or grand child or grand parents that hit buy this man would you say it was self defense, from what he was running from the police after committing a crime.What goes around comes around and I hope it comes back and bites you in the A-s everyone of you you who you this as excuse self defense may God have Mercy on your soul.

    1. Get a grip and leave politics out of this. Who said that it was “self-defense”? Everything that I’ve seen and heard has not said anything about self-defense. Hell, I’d even take him out on the interstate and “play dodgeball” with him as the ball. Maybe you should watch more than one news outlet before you comment.

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