6 thoughts on “Jeff Bezos donates $100M to Obama Foundation in honor of John Lewis

  1. That’s why I don’t and won’t buy from JOE BOZO. what a POMPOUS AŚŚSSSSSSSSS is he. To think someone really thinks this guy is great!HAHAHAHAHAHA.

  2. Bezos thinks that pushing his money to leftist causes will make him look like a better man. It only alienates him from more than half the country. Apparently he believes he is not well liked as a human being and, guess what, HE’S NOT! He’s nothing more than a lucky man who will leave this earth as naked as the next.

  3. Does Bezos really know what he is doing? Doesn’t he know that a lot of that money ounces into Obama’s pockets? What the heck? Idiot!

  4. Another Billion dollars Bezos has used to BUY this Country. This is whats happening in our Nation , The big rich are paying off people in Politics . This Nation is being Bought. The Democrats are lining their pockets.. And we arre paying more for Gas, Food and Taxes.

  5. Lewis was a raciest POS and was in office way too long as are all the idiots supposed to be working for us and not to make themselves rich.

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