Freaky Surveillance Video Shows a Real Dog Playing with a Ghost Dog

Was it a case of paw-ranormal activity?

Australia’s Jake DeMarco was left shaken after a bone-chilling CCTV clip appeared to show his pet pup Ryder playing with a ghost dog in his backyard in Melbourne.

The “Pet Sematary”-evoking video, reposted by Caters News Agency, shows Ryder chasing a translucent white pooch around outside in a fenced-in area. The two canines can be seen playfully frolicking by a water tower before Ryder’s alleged phantom friend scurries out of the frame.

DeMarco, 38, told Caters he was particularly shocked at seeing the second dog in his backyard — which is reportedly secured by a locked high fence, and therefore impossible for a canine to breach.

Upon spotting the freaky footage, the frightened father of two ran outside to try to spot Ryder’s paranormal-seeming playmate. However, by that time, the “Casper” canine had reportedly disappeared.

It was like something out of "Pet Sematary."
It was like something out of “Pet Sematary.”

This isn’t the first time an alleged spectral entity has been caught on camera.

In February, urban explorers received the fright of a lifetime after encountering a mysterious disappearing figure while perusing an infamous abandoned nursing home in the UK.

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  1. Pretty Neat! Maybe it’s a dog who used to live there? Or a previous dog of the real dogs owner who still visits?

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