Bill Maher: ‘If Don Jr. Had Done What Hunter Biden Had Done, It Would Be Every Night, All Night on MSNBC’

Bill Maher showed off his political iconoclastic nature when he called out to CNN’s Chris Cuomo the situational standards of cable news coverage.

The host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher appeared on set with Cuomo to discuss a variety of topics, which included a defense of parents’ worries over the Critical Race Theory controversy that many progressives believe to be falsely ginned up despite its impact on the Virginia gubernatorial race.

He also called out what he sees as clearly shifting editorial decisions by cable news outlets, and was less than charitable towards MSNBC.

“Something like Hunter Biden, I mean, if Don, Jr. had done what Hunter Biden had done, it would be every night, all night on MSNBC,” Maher said in reference to the troubled son of President Joe Biden and his struggles with addiction and laptop tracking.

“But the fact that it’s hunter Biden and Joe’s on the blue team, that’s the problem with America, everything is so binary,” Maher continued. “Everything that the red team doesn’t like goes in the blue bin and vice-versa.”

“So, you know, every democratic politician has to wear on his sleeve every silly, stupid woke thing that the fringe left does,” he continued. “And the red team has to wear kids in cages and, you know, lock her up and all that kind of stuff.”

Cuomo did a good job of asking basic questions and Maher delivered the sort of surprising responses on rarely seen on cable news programming anymore.  It made for terrific television but also reminds viewers that the days of actual civil discourse and debate on political media outlets is a lost art.

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