FBI Raids Home of GOP Lauren Boebert’s Campaign Manager

The FBI on Tuesday raided the homes of Mesa County, Colorado clerk Tina Peters and three associates, as part of its investigation into whether the MAGA-loving official was involved in an election security breach.

“The FBI carried out a court-ordered search of Peters’ home in Mesa County early Tuesday morning, leaving her ‘terrified,’ Peters said Tuesday night in an appearance on Lindell TV, an online channel run by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, a Trump supporter and proponent of discredited claims the 2020 election was stolen,” Colorado Politics reports. “Lindell said one of the homes raided by law enforcement authorities belongs to Sherronna Bishop, a Garfield County resident and former campaign manager for U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert.”

The Daily Beast notes that Peters, who has been stripped of her ability to run elections in the county, was “involved in an amateur QAnon-tied investigation of voter fraud in the 2020 election.”

“Peters briefly became a star on the right last summer when she appeared at MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s ‘cyber-symposium’ on voter fraud,” according to the Daily Beast. “A few days before her appearance, alleged QAnon mastermind Ron Watkins posted images from Mesa County voting machines, while hard drives from the county’s equipment later leaked online. That inspired suspicions that Peters was somehow involved in the potentially illegal leak, and she briefly went into hiding.”

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  1. The FBI all must be arrested for all of their crimes. They do not have the right to arrest any person when they themselves are guilty of high crimes.

  2. The FBI has NOW cemented itself as a bona fide enemy of America..there were “suspicions” through the years , THAT suspicion REALLY picked up “steam” after the JFK “assassination NOW it isn’t a “few” bad apples ,the entire barrel has become politically rotten to the core.Our once great republic now has sewer rats running the nation . I WILL be stunned if all this corruption does not end up in a “civil war”..

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