Transgender woman left with broken jaw after ‘police put her in cell with three men’

Kristina Frost was on a “book-and-release” at San Diego Central jail in the US but she was remanded into custody and held with three male inmates who assaulted her, her lawsuit claims

A transgender woman was beaten so severely her jaw broke after being remanded into a cell with three male inmates

A transgender woman’s jaw was broken after being viciously attacked when she was put in a holding cell with three men against her will, it is claimed.

Kristina Frost was initially held in a cell alone after being booked into San Diego Central Jail in the US last November, federal court documents claim.

But Ms Frost was there for a “book and release” which involves criminal suspects returning to jail at a later date for fingerprints, photographs and other official tests before being released.

The process usually takes between 10 minutes and a few hours depending on how busy the jail is.

But Ms Frost says she was remanded “without any reasonable justification” and against her will into a “minimally monitored cell” with three male inmates.

It was there she says she was viciously attacked by the men, who hit her with “closed fists” until her jaw was broken.

Her injuries were so severe that her mouth had to be wired shut for long periods of time and she was left needing two separate surgeries, she claims.

Ms Frost was wearing "feminine" clothing at the time, including high shorts and a bra, the court papers say

Kristina Frost was wearing ‘feminine’ clothing at the time, including high shorts and a bra, the court papers say

According to the documents filed at the US District Court in Southern District of California, she told jailers her identifying documents show she is a woman.

At the time of her arrest, she was wearing high-cut shorts and a bra, which were described as “feminine” in the papers.

“Sadly – and foreseeably – one of the men in the cell viciously attacked Ms Frost,” the lawsuit reads.

“His closed-fist punches to Ms Frost’s face resulted in serious bodily injuries, including a broken jaw, so far requiring two surgeries to repair.”

The lawsuit claims the jail’s sheriff was “indifferent” and didn’t intervene to stop the fierce attack.

It was then another 12 hours before Ms Frost was taken to hospital for treatment, according to the lawsuit. It took 12 hours before Ms Frost was taken to hospital, according to the court papers

The horrific attack left her jaw fractured in two places, and she needed two separate surgeries to recorrect the severe injury.

Doctors first inserted and then removed metal elements from her face.

She then went through a gruelling recovery which required her mouth to be wired shut for long periods of time.

Ms Frost was arrested on “book-and-release” which usually takes between just 10 minutes and a few hours.

The accused shows up on a scheduled date and time to be fingerprinted, photographed, processed, and then released.

But Ms Frost was there for far longer than the usual time period, and it’s currently unknown why she was remanded into custody.

Earlier this year, San Diego officers issued training materials calling for trans suspects to be booked into custody settings which correspond with their gender identity.

But an investigation last year revealed transgender detainees are very rarely housed in accordance with their gender identity.

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  1. No one should be beat just because. Unfortunately human nature is human nature and the end results are what they are, especially in jail.

  2. She wants whatever suits what is advantageous for her at the time. It is too bad this happened. The sheriff should have been better behaved but she no doubt was also somewhat responsible for this.

  3. how is this her fault? and how did you come to the conclusion that “she wants whatever is advantageous at the time”??. Nothing in the story even hints at that conclusion. She identified as female – and she was put into a cell with men. – right away you know what’s going to happen.

  4. Sorry, deviants get what they deserve. What goes around comes around. They are destroying the fabric of the country and I have ZERO sympathy.

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