‘Time traveller from 2714’ predicts alien attack and human-fish life next year

A self-proclaimed TikTok “time traveller” predicted that a meteor shower would hit Earth bringing aliens along with it in a horrifying prophecy.

This isn’t the first time that the account, “aesthetictimewarper, has posted such a prediction in a bid to ‘save’ humanity.

The account has already made plenty of other predictions about the Earth, Daily Star reports.

In July, they asked us to note five dates and events towards the end of 2021 and 2022.

The time traveller believes that three teens will open a portal to an alternate universe using a T. Rex dinosaur egg in December.

They also say that the mythical sunken city of Atlantis will be found in the Atlantic Ocean in 2022, housing human-fish life.

The account also claimed that NASA would find a mirrored Earth in August and that eight humans would receive superpowers from the extreme energy of the Sun in October.

One of the account’s predictions that caught a lot of attention was a clip that suggested that “something amazing happens on August 11, 2021.”

They said: “There will be a very large meteor shower that lasts for 2 weeks, it will be seen in the Northern hemisphere, containing the Nozic Message.

“One of the meteors will seem different than all the others, that is because it is a ship landing on Earth, starting preparations for the first Nozic War.”

Many were quick to voice their opinion on the theory, with one user even calling out the TikToker whose account has over 3.9 million likes and 611,000 followers, writing: “First thing I would do as a time traveller: create a TikTok.”

A second user joked that it was “going to happen right when they turn on that 5G,” with another person adding “Nothing he’s said has come true. Tell us something legit.”

The account has had its fair share of hate, and hit back saying: “Many of you still don’t believe I am a real time traveller, so remember these five dates.”

Earlier this week, a man who claims to be a time traveller from 2027 shared video footage of a deserted city as proof that he’s the ‘last person on Earth’.

He claims to be stuck alone in the future as the rest of the earth’s population has been wiped out by a disaster, and he uploads videos of the Spanish city he is in as proof.

Original Article: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/time-traveller-2714-predicts-alien-25439968

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