5 thoughts on “‘Blue Bloods’ Will Estes Confirms What We All Suspected About Tom Selleck’s On-set Behavior

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  2. Blue Bloods is the BEST SHOW on TV. the Reagan Family is the FIRST FAMILY OF LAW ENFORCEMENT and each portrayal is an example of what a police officer should be.

  3. I agree!! I truly enjoy Blue Bloods!! I would be very unhappy, and curious as to why, if it is EVER CANCELLED!!

    I have faithfully watched it ever since the first season!! I hope it will be airing new work for several seasons at least!!

    God Bless you all!! Keep up the great work!! Thank you all for such a wonderful show.


    Patricia G. Arnold
    Orange Park, FL

  4. This is truly one show that you can watch with your kids. The family table gatherings, the prayers and a general sense of righteousness in a world gone mad. This is about the only show on air which takes life seriously. May the Lord bless this series until Kingdom Comes!

  5. I love Blue Bloods and I love Tom Selleck. I have seen every movie and every TV series he has done,

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