6 thoughts on “QAnon shaman faces longest prison sentence of any Capitol rioter

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  2. The entire Capitol Police and FBI must be flushed down the toilet because that is what they deserve!

  3. Lies, lies, and more lies!! He didn’t lead a damn thing. Everywhere he ever made an appearance he had his spear and a flag. What about the 100s of others who had a flag? Were they leading their own group of so called “insurrectionists”? Why is this still going on when the FBI already produced a report of an investigation stating there were no plans or threats to overthrow anything? These prosecuters are just taking advantage of a man that has some mental issues.
    Oh! There is no QAnon. There’s Q and there’s Anon but not QAnon.

  4. Why was he given such a long sentence? Why should he even be in jail and/or sentenced? What happened to equal justice. How much jail time have the BLM rioters done? How many of them were even arrested? This is a bunch of BS. The people have to take their America back from the shadowy, lowlifes who have been calling the shots since Biden was put in. Obama is the shadow President and everyone knows it. If we don’t make a stand, we will lose our America.

    1. You are whacked lady. He, and a bunch of other idiots, tried to take over the Capital! I support of that total douche-bag Trump. Give your head a shake…..and seek help.

  5. I can’t believe they are saying that thousands of protestors disrupted the certifying of the election results! Only a handful of people entered the Capitol Building and not one of them were led by him. Matter of fact it was someone who worked for the FBI that was directing people to go into the Capitol Bldg. This all has to do with an irrational hatred of President Trump. All of it based on lies.

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