5 thoughts on “Judge in Kyle Rittenhouse trial faces backlash for Asian food joke

  1. Does Professor Dauber actually believe that Americans think all Asian food comes from China? Most Americans realize that Japanese cuisine, Thai cooking, Korean dishes, Nepali recipes, Vietnamese foods, are all Asian, but do not come from China. They are all notably different from each other, in spite of all of them being Asian. How stupid does she think the average American is? The judge’s comment was a joke, not a racial insult.

  2. You obviously don’t like the judge…he’s doing a great job. Kyle Rittenhouse should be freed he did nothing but protect himself. Watch the video…disgusting how people want to try to lynch a kid for doing what is his right…protecting himself. Shame on LeBron James for his two cents…he should stick to basketball and quit using his power to try to influence others…lost a lot of fans from his past tweets. God bless Kyle and the Judge for being fair…

    1. Kyle might have been protecting himself with the first shot that disabled his victim. But then he shot him 3 more times when he was on the ground. In his back! But obviously this judge is biased and is making this political.

  3. What the hell does his remark have to do with Asians??!! He was joking that he hoped the food wasn’t stuck on a boat waiting to be delivered because it was probably taking awhile. It could’ve been burgers from a diner, steaks from a steakhouse, it just happened to be Chinese food. Stupid ass wipes have nothing better to bitch about. Always looking for something to cry about and turn into racism 🙄. This whole racism pretense is worn out. No one cares anymore. It’s like the boy who cried wolf too many times.

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