5 thoughts on “‘NCIS’ Fans Are Getting Very, Very Upset About Gibbs After the Show’s Instagram

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  2. Won’t be the same, but mark harmon is 70 years old and tv has some grueling schedules. He’s a producer for some of the ncis series plus acting. Maybe he’s looking to slow down some and enjoy his laurels. Add to that , the fact that cole is a good actor and , if his character is developed right, can be an interesting replacement.18 years for a series is a long time and we’ve lost some really good characters , characters we really liked. Nothing lasts forever.

  3. We have started to look for a replacement.There is no show without Gibbs. Send us a notice when Gibbs is back.

  4. We all know everything changes, and for me adios NCIS it will not be the same without the “Gunny”!!!! I’m an old soon to be a 78 Gunny of Marines and still rise & shine – I’m sure Gunny Harmon will do the same (and get paid for it) if he is proded !!! 😉

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