Kellyanne Conway’s Latest Comment About Trump’s Presidency Is Turning Heads

For those who followed Kellyanne Conway during the three years she spent as senior counselor to ex-President Donald Trump, it’s fair to say she made a splash. 

Her “greatest hits” include a reference she made during a 2017 interview with NBC’s Chris Matthews about the “Bowling Green massacre” – a supposed terrorist attack she attributed to Iraqi militia which, as many noted at the time, never actually happened.

Other examples of Conway’s presumed attempts to delve into fiction writing include, in no particular order, exaggerating the attendance of Trump’s 2017 inauguration (speculative fiction), alluding that Trump Tower microwaves were used as cameras to spy on Trump (science fiction), and trying to legitimize the term “alternative facts” (comedy, we’d argue). 

Now, nearly 10 months after Trump took leave of the Oval Office, a November appearance made by Conway on Fox News has given way to yet another backlash, with many decrying remarks Conway made to network pundit Sean Hannity as one of the most unabashed entries into her fiction oeuvre ever. So what did Conway say to Hannity? And why is it causing such a stir?

Kellyanne Conway denied the occurrence of something that affected millions of Americans in 2020

As RawStory reported on November 8, Kellyanne Conway went on the record during a Fox News interview with Sean Hannity to deny that in 2020, the last year of Donald Trump’s presidency, the U.S. experienced an extreme supply chain crisis primarily brought on by both the COVID-19 pandemic and the Trump administration’s documented failure to respond to it accordingly.

“I worked in that White House for four years,” Conway said to Hannity. “We never even heard of a such of a thing. There was no supply chain crisis. There was no inflation.” 

As expected, the internet was absolutely not having it. “*stares at the 20 rolls of generic one-ply toilet paper still left in my closet*,” one Twitter user wrote, referencing the early days of the pandemic when supplies where, indeed, limited — in front of our very eyes. “This is also a flat out lie – We had PPE (masks & gloves), cleaning products, toilet paper… in short supply during COVID lockdowns,” wrote newsperson Stephanie Ruhle.

“To say that Kellyanne Conway is a liar is being generous. She takes to lying like a normal person takes to breathing,” penned a third. Yep, this interview definitely gave us Trump-era flashbacks … when these moments seemed to occur daily.

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  1. . Liars always assume everyone else is a liar. Bite me Nazis, are professional liars. That USSR KADACISTAN Chinese communist IS nominated as a comptroller now using terroRIst tactics too get nominated money comptroller want s too literally kill all energy. If that’s not MAO GENOCIDE WITH MARX CLOSE BESIDE. SAULE OMAROVA

  2. How is what she said about the supply chain a lie? Things became short in supply because of how rampant insanity was and people buying a year’s (or more) worth of products and hoarding them. As the example tweet they use of the person staring at 20 rolls of tp. Why did they buy so much? People buying up everything and then trying to sell it at 5 or more times it’s original price. Like the guys who went to every store and bought up the handsanitizers. A whole garage worth. People selling cans of Lysol at $30 a pop. The PPE issue was also a sudden surge in demand beyond any possible expectation.

    During Trump’s administration we didn’t have cargo ships waiting 4+ weeks to be unloaded even though we were under quarantine. We had food on the shelves even though people were buying it up as though civilization was coming to an end. There was lumber, cars, car parts, furnitute, gas, electricity, etc, unlike today.

    Doesn’t this publication and others realize yet just how sick and tired people are of the constant Trump and conservative bashing? 6+ years now. They’re just alienating people and riling them up and then they wonder why the war cry is so prevalent.


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