5 thoughts on “Royals Haven’t “Stopped Talking About” President Biden “Breaking Wind” During COP26

  1. Hahaha…hey he’s human like most of us! But he could have at least said “Excuse me”. Or tried to be polite about it. So Camilla never had gas? Or do any of the royals get gas? Natural human reaction to many foods so because he’s a president, he shouldn’t get gas? Or is it just another reason to make fun at orbe horrified by an American? Gas can happen and some ppl don’t notice it because, well they could be concentrating on the conversation or have something else on they’re mind. Personally I think it’s embarrassing that happened, but he is human and maybe ” it slipped” 😂. Sorry had to comment! It’s OK Mr. President!

  2. So poopypants has added yet another name to the growing list of unattractive, yet we’ll deserved, nicknames…..Joe blowers. The jerk a gift that just keeps giving. Were the dems not so dense and screwed up, they’d have shipped him to an assisted living mental facility, rather than subjecting the nation and world to his perpetual embarrassing gaffes.

  3. I wonder how many guests passed out because of the noxious odors that emanated from both ends of his body? If he insists on farting in public then he should get his bum properly tuned. Im sure he didn’t excuse himself like a gentleman, which he isn’t, would do. Given the “proposed rule by the Environmental Protection Agency to tighten methane regulations for the oil and gas sector”, it is amusing to note that farts are partially composed of methane gases & are flammable. The holidays are upon us & is the perfect time for us all to send Biden adult diapers & NoDoz pills.

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