‘Very chunky’ great white shark has researchers in awe

Great white sharks have been known to weigh 6,600 pounds, so a “fat” shark might be tough to define.

Still, a group of researchers hinted that might be the case with a shark photo shared Nov. 3 on Facebook.

It shows a great white shark with a tummy that is …. well, bloated, to put it politely.

“There are some sharks that make our data team stop and take a double-take,” the Massachusetts-based Atlantic White Shark Conservancy conservancy wrote.

“One of our data team members was analyzing GoPro footage, they came across this very chunky, male, white shark.”

You know it has to be bad when shark experts are the ones pointing fingers.

The team apparently pondered the image and concluded the shark “recently ate due to the size of its stomach.”

Sharks aren’t known to chew their food. It’s more like ripping and swallowing, so it could be assumed the meal involved something big — like a dead whale.

The post has gotten hundreds of reactions in the past day, including some people who wondered if it was a female and she was pregnant.

“Why you gotta fat-shame him,” one user asked.

“He’s not fat he’s just big … cartilaged?” another said.

“Sharks gotta eat,” wrote a third person.

The location where the photo was taken wasn’t revealed, and the researchers did not give a size estimate on the predator. The photo was taken in partnership with the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries.

This is the season when great white sharks are known to travel from the North Atlantic in warmer waters off southern Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.

OCEARCH, which tags and tracks white sharks, has discovered some will travel from Canada as far away as the mouth of the Mississippi. The nonprofit has been searching for the spot where they mate and believes it may be off North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

Original Article: ‘Very chunky’ shark is seen off the East Coast and experts are doing a double take – The Virginian-Pilot (pilotonline.com)

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