9 thoughts on “Newsmax Says It will Implement Vaccine Requirement

  1. Newsmax, a mandate is NOT a law. If you force anyone that works for you to take that death jab, you can and probably will be arrested. A mandate is only a suggestion. You are not the law and cannot by humane life, do this. I will be watching and will take this to court if I have to. You are turning anti American by your illegal orders to your staff. Have you also turned Communist? or have you been paid off or threatened by Democrats? Can you even tell the truth?

    1. A JUDGE has already put a halt to the mandate permanently…… Pedo Joe is ignoring what the COURTS have ruled.

      1. Why do they not mandate a vaccine for the flu? It’s required when u work in the health care field.
        And what happened to the flu? Every year u hear how many people died from the flu. I’ve heard nothing. Have u?

  2. Guess ya can’t trust anyone. I say its up to the person if they want to or not want to be vaccinated. Let them chose.

  3. The option of requiring employees to receive a vaccine should be left to the businesses, not the government. No government knows the staffing requirements and the duties of that staff for every business, but management does. This should be their choice, not forced upon them. Masking and distancing slowed the spread of the virus, but did not stop it. Wide-spread vaccination slowed the spread, as well, but also did not stop it. A business could simply tell its employees that vaccinated ones are not required to wear masks and distance themselves, whereas the unvaccinated ones are. There are plenty of jobs out there that do not require much human interaction, so why should they be required to get a vaccine they don’t want, if they aren’t likely to spread the infection anyway?

    1. Rat wrangler the ppl who are spreading the virus are the ppl who are completely vax’ed. The ppl who aren’t vax’ed have natural immunity and will not infect any one. Vax’ed ppl have no immunities after taking the jab. The CDC released the fact that fully vax’ed ppl are the ones spreading the germz because the Judicial Watch did a FOIA on how many unvaxed were spreading the virus. The CDC said they didn’t have any info. That their info only showed the vaxed as the supper spreaders.

  4. Shame on Newsmax for cowing down to Biden’s mandate which is not law! If this were a National emergency like they would have everyone believe then why the delay in time?
    This is more about power and shoving it down the throats of every American. Fight back!!!

  5. If Biden can not follow the law, he deserves to be dragged out of the Oval Office, or whatever sound stage he is in, thrown in jail and prosecuted. By Non-Soros courts.

    11/14/22 – “The US Supreme Court has blocked President Joe Biden’s rule requiring workers at large companies to be vaccinated or masked and tested weekly.
    The justices at the nation’s highest court said the mandate exceeded the Biden administration’s authority.”

    If Newsmax is requiring employees to be “vaccinated” or masked or tested, they are following ILLEGAL mandates.

    Biden is NOT above the law

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