Divers Discover a Terrifying 26-Foot Sea Worm

Divers off the coast of New Zealand came face to face with a giant sea worm that was almost 30-foot long.

The creature is called a pyrosome, and while it might look intimidating, it’s actually perfectly safe to approach. Pyrosomes are part of a family of sea creatures known as tunicates or “sea squirts”. They’ve also been called cockroaches of the sea, National Geographic notes, due to their ability to pull food from even the most inhospitable environments.

Divers swim right next to this giant sea worm

Videographer Steve Hathaway, and his friend Andrew Buttle, discovered the pyrosome while filming a tourism promo in October of 2018. Hathaway says that Buttle was the first to notice the massive sea creature. He put on his scuba gear and dove in right after.

The pyrosome they found was roughly 26-foot long. These translucent worm-like creatures can often glow and look similar to a plastic bag floating through the water. The two divers spent almost an hour swimming around the creature, taking photos and capturing video of it. Hathaway says that he’d been hoping to catch a glimpse of one for years.

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It isn’t just one creature

Buttle told National Geographic that swimming next to it the pyrosome “was pretty incredible”. He also noted how they could see thousands of tiny creatures along the giant sea worm’s body, up close.

That’s because pyrosomes are actually a free-flowing colony of hundreds or even thousands of individual organisms. These organisms are known as zooids. The small multicellular creatures pump water through their bodies to catch and feed on phytoplankton, poop particles, and other bacteria.

Andrew Jeffs, a marine science professor at the University of Auckland says that the pyrosome and the salp, a cousin of the pyrosome, are both important to tropical waters as a food source. Other creatures like turtles and spiny lobsters cling to the tubes and can feed for weeks at a time.

At night, pyrosomes swim to the surface of the sea. There they feed on whatever they can find in the water. Their bodies are very similar to gelatinous organisms like jellyfish. Additionally, they glow due to natural bioluminescence. While this one was 26-foot long, they can be as small as one centimeter in size. As long as the entire colony isn’t wiped out, they can theoretically live on forever.

Sightings of these giant sea worms are rare. But, scientists are making more efforts to study and understand these creatures.

Original Article: https://bgr.com/science/divers-discovered-a-horrifying-26-foot-sea-worm-that-only-comes-out-at-night/

Contacts Book Could Be Crucial to Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell began on Monday, more than two years after the death of her alleged associate Jeffrey Epstein, with whom she had been charged with conspiring to sexually abuse minors.

The trial is likely to be a media spectacle. The crimes of Jeffrey Epstein—and his death by suicide in August 2019—have spawned numerous books, documentaries and conspiracy theories. Maxwell’s trial may be the first time since Epstein’s criminal proceedings that the public gets a glimpse of the scope of the government’s evidence against him—and the evidence against her as an alleged accomplice.

Maxwell was arrested back in July 2020 and federally charged with sex trafficking and perjury, among other charges in relation to Epstein’s alleged abuse. The federal indictment against Maxwell alleges that from roughly 1994 to 1997 she “assisted, facilitated, and contributed to Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse of minor girls” by helping him “recruit, groom and ultimately abuse victims” they both knew were underage. The indictment also alleges that Maxwell lied under oath in 2016 “in an effort to conceal her crimes.”

She has pleaded not guilty.

Maxwell’s attorney did not respond to TIME’s request for comment. When asked for comment, the Southern District of New York said it does not comment on pending litigation.

The trial will hinge on several elements, legal experts tell TIME, but one key piece of evidence could be Government Exhibit 52, an address book that prosecutors allege belonged to Maxwell. The “little black book” has long been an object of interest in the Epstein case; in 2015, Gawker published a redacted copy of its contents, including the names of world leaders, famous performers and business titans.

If admitted into evidence, the book’s role in the trial could be “significant,” says Jessica A. Roth, a professor at Cardozo Law and a former federal prosecutor who has not worked on Maxwell’s trial. “[Much of] this case is going to turn on the credibility of the victims, who will testify to the role that they claim Maxwell played in their [alleged] abuse,” she explains. If the government can use the book to prove Maxwell was in communication with those same victims, it could be “powerful corroboration.”

Here’s what to know about the contact book prosecutors allege belonged to Maxwell.

What is the little black book?

According to court filings, the government first obtained the book from Alfredo Rodriguez, an employee of Epstein’s from late 2004 to early 2005 who was attempting to sell the book to Brad Edwards, one of the lawyers suing Epstein in 2009 on behalf of alleged victims. Edwards notified the FBI, which set up a sting operation in which the 97 page contact book was given to an undercover agent for $50,000, according to the government’s filings in the case.

Acting US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Audrey Strauss, announces charges against Ghislaine Maxwell during a press conference in New York City on July 2, 2020.

Most of the contents of Government Exhibit 52 has been redacted from court filings. But in a Nov. 12 filing, federal prosecutors contended that the book contains “compelling evidence” of Maxwell’s guilt. The filing alleges that the book includes “dozens of pages of contacts, including family and friends of the defendant.” Furthermore, the government alleges the book would show Maxwell “kept contact information for relevant individuals at trial, including victims.”

In her filing, Maxwell’s attorneys said that those are “bold, unexplained claims that Ms. Maxwell disputes.” Maxwell’s lawyers contend the contents of the book are “neither authentic nor relevant,” arguing that the fact that the book did not surface until 2009 shows “there is no relevance that can be attached to the information.”

How might the book come up in Maxwell’s case?

“Its significance could be multifold,” says Roth. The government alleges Maxwell was in communication with Epstein’s victims and cultivated relationships with them on his behalf. If the address book belonged to Maxwell and contained victims’ name and contact informations, it would “help [the government] establish that narrative and corroborate the victims’ anticipated testimony,” she says.

If those victims’ names appear under the heading “massage”—which reportedly appears in the book—it could further help the government establish that she was communicating with the victims to arrange massages for Epstein, one of their alleged tactics for recruiting girls for sexual abuse. And if the book includes the contact information of any alleged victim’s parents, for example, that might help prosecutors establish that Maxwell knew the victims were underage.

But this is all dependent on whether the government can actually prove that the book is both authentic and belongs to Maxwell. Only then can it actually be admitted into evidence. And in the opinion of Mark MacDougall, a former federal prosecutor, the government “will have to overcome some significant obstacles” to do so.

“There are some serious questions about how the book was obtained, who made the entries and whether the writing can be linked directly to the defendant,” MacDougall says.

Maxwell’s lawyers has asked the judge to exclude the book from the trial. In court filings, her legal team has argued that no one “knows where or when the exhibit was acquired by Mr. Rodriguez, what he did with it for as long as he had it, who may have created the exhibit, and where it came from.” Rodriguez has since died, so he can’t testify to it.

The government has said in response that a different individual who worked for Epstein would testify that they were aware of “two sets of contact books maintained in Epstein’s residences, both of which were printed and bound in a distinctive format.” The first book belonged to Epstein, and the second was commonly referred to as Maxwell’s book, prosecutors allege. The government says this witness would testify that there were copies of each book kept in several locations, including Epstein’s Palm Beach house. Prosecutors say that if called to the stand, this witness would testify that they recall seeing a copy of the book in Maxwell’s office in the Palm Beach house, and that Government Exhibit 52 has the same shape, color, binding and formatting.

If the government can establish the book was Maxwell’s and that it was kept in Epstein’s residence, it could also help establish her connection both to Epstein and his properties where much of the abuse allegedly occurred, says Roth.

Could the book implicate more people?

Maxwell and Epstein were linked to numerous famous and influential people in the 1990s and early 2000s. But court watchers eager to know if those names will appear in Maxwell’s trial via the alleged address book may be disappointed. The Associated Press reports that the only portion of the book that the judge will consider admitting into evidence is the section under the heading “massage” that prosecutors allege contains the names of victims.

“I think the judge is going to be very [careful about] letting names about celebrities who are not directly tied to the charges in this case be put before the jury,” says Roth. “Because among other things, it would be distracting and could be unfairly prejudicial.”

Original Article: https://time.com/6124510/ghislaine-maxwell-trial-little-black-book/

Prince Charles Asked About the Skin Color of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Baby, New Book Claims

A spokesman for Prince Charles denies the claim in a new book that the royal speculated about the “complexion” of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s children

In Brothers And Wives: Inside The Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan, by Christopher Andersen, a source close to the royal family claims that Charles made the comment during a conversation over breakfast with his wife Camilla on the day the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s engagement was announced.

“I wonder what the children will look like?” Charles mused to Camilla, according to Page Six.

Camilla was said to be “taken aback somewhat by the question” and noted that the child would be “absolutely gorgeous.” 

Allegedly lowering his voice, Charles then asked: “I mean, what do you suppose their children’s complexion might be?”

A spokesman for Prince Charles‘ office of Clarence House denied the report, saying: “This is fiction and not worth further comment.”

In an interview on Today on Monday, Andersen elaborated on the claims in his book, saying that Charles’ comments were “benign” and twisted by palace courtiers.

“On the morning that Meghan and Harry’s engagement was announced, in a very kind of benign way, Prince Charles started to muse on what their future grandchildren might look like,” Andersen told hosts Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie

“I mean, here’s this beautiful biracial American woman and the world’s most famous redhead. I’m a grandfather, of course, we all do this, speculate on it. But it was turned into something very toxic, it was weaponized by the ‘Men in Gray’ who run the palace organization. Unfortunately, by the time it got to Harry, that’s the way he took it,” he said.

An astonished Oprah asked Meghan who made that comment, with Meghan declining to answer, saying the revelation would be too damaging.

Later in the interview, Oprah pressed Harry on the issue, asking him who was behind the racially charged comment.

“That conversation I’m never going to share,” he said. “It was awkward. I was a bit shocked.” 

He also said that the conversation happened early in his romance with Meghan. “That was right at the beginning: What will the kids look like?’ “

A statement released by Buckingham Palace at the time on behalf of Queen Elizabeth addressed the issues raised during the Sussex’s interview.

“The issues raised, particularly that of race, are concerning,” the statement said. “While some recollections may vary, they are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family privately. 

In the days following Harry and Meghan’s interview with Winfrey, Prince William told a reporter, “We are very much not a racist family.”

Original Article: https://people.com/royals/prince-charles-asked-about-skin-color-of-meghan-markle-and-prince-harrys-baby-new-book-claims/

‘Just as important as Gabby Petito’: Mom’s desperate search for vanished daughter

An Indiana mother is desperately searching for her 20-year-old daughter, who vanished in California three weeks ago after getting into a fight with her boyfriend.

Lateche Norris hasn’t been heard from since she frantically called her mother, Cheryl Walker, on a stranger’s phone Nov. 5 in San Diego seeking help tracking down her wayward beau.

Norris’ distraught mother has since launched a social-media campaign to try to locate her daughter — as she drew comparisons to the high-profile search for slain Long Island woman Gabby Petito.

“My daughter is just as important as Gabby Petito,” Walker wrote in a Facebook post. “As if what happened to that sweet girl wasn’t heartbreaking enough.”

Petito’s disappearance made national headlines after she vanished during an August road trip with her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie. Petito was found dead in Wyoming months before Laundrie, who was the only person of interest in her death, took his own life in Florida.

Walker said her daughter left for San Diego on Nov. 1 to be with her boyfriend, Joseph “Joey” Smith.

Walker claims her daughter’s boyfriend had recently left a rehab facility and was living on the streets.

Missing poster for Lateche Norris
Lateche Norris hasn’t been heard from since Nov. 5.

The mother said the young couple, who are both aspiring tattoo artists, had been fighting the day before Norris vanished.

Norris spoke to her mother the morning of Nov. 5 from the stranger’s phone after getting into another argument with Smith.

Walker said her daughter had asked her to send her Smith’s phone number so she could find out where he was — and promised to call her right back.

The mother said she didn’t ask Norris what happened to her phone or why she couldn’t remember Smith’s number and was calling from the stranger’s device.

“I let her go so she could call him, and I say ‘You call me back! I love you,’ ” Walker said. “The last words my daughter said were, ‘I will, Momma, I promise I love you more.’ “

Lateche Norris and boyfriend
Lateche Norris and Joseph “Joey” Smith are both aspiring tattoo artists.

The missing woman’s family said they have repeatedly tried to reach Smith since Nov. 5, but their messages are going unanswered.

Norris and Smith met earlier this year and lived together briefly in Santa Cruz over the summer, Walker said. Norris returned home to Indiana after two months before deciding to head back to California three weeks ago.

Norris’ mother has accused police of not doing enough to find her daughter after she was reported missing.

Walker claims cops told her they don’t believe Norris is “at risk” and that they “see this all the time.”

The San Diego Police Department confirmed to The Post that it received a missing person’s report for Norris on Nov. 9.

Lateche Norris
Lateche Norris’ mother has launched a social-media campaign to try to locate her daughter.

The cops would not confirm if they were investigating her disappearance.

Walker took aim at people on social media who have suggested her daughter was looking to be homeless or a drug addict.

“My daughter followed a troubled man out here that she loves, her spirit is a force to be reckoned with,” Walker said.

“I don’t care what anybody says, my daughter agreeing to rough it for a few days upon arriving here, does not mean she planned on being homeless. I know her, I’m not blind, and I’m not naïve.

“My daughter isn’t an addict, she isn’t a recovering addict.”

Original Article: https://nypost.com/2021/11/29/indiana-mom-searches-for-missing-daughter-lateche-norris/

Chris Christie’s Book Flops And Sells Just 2,000 Copies

Despite getting massive amounts of mainstream media attention, Chris Christie’s new book has sold only 2,000 copies.

Eric Boehlert tweeted:

“How Christie was able to sell so few books after lining up so much national media attention during his marketing roll-out — “This Week” “The View,” “Fox & Friends,” along with Fox News, Fox Business, the Daily Show, HBO twice, and CNBC — represents an extraordinary disconnect.”

— Eric Boehlert (@EricBoehlert) November 29, 2021

Christie was on broadcast networks, all three cable networks, Sunday shows, HBO,  and even got a primetime special, and none of it helped him sell books. Chris Christie was everywhere, and the result was that the American people still didn’t like him or care about what he had to say.

Chris Christie has always been a mainstream media creation. He is what the corporate press laps up, a supposedly moderate blue-state Republican.

Christie has no 2024 future. He will keep offering his opinions and sucking up to Donald Trump while pretending to be moderate for as long as anyone will give him airtime.

There is no market for Chris Christie. America is not crying out for a Christie comeback.

If anything, the book sales numbers suggest that what the American people really want is for Chris Christie to get off of their televisions and go away.

Original Article: https://www.politicususa.com/2021/11/29/chris-christies-book-flops-and-sells-just-2000-copies.html

College Student Dies After Participating in an Underground Frat Fight Club

On November 19, Nathan Valencia, a 20-year-old Las Vegas college junior and fraternity member, fought a member of another campus fraternity in the “main event” of an annual boxing match.

According to an Instagram flyer leading up to Kappa Sigma Fight Night, proceeds for the annual event were supposed to support Center Ring Boxing, a youth boxing club in Las Vegas.

But the friendly match quickly turned tragic.

According to KLAS-TV, Valencia, a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, collapsed shortly after his bout. Four days later, the outlet reported, he was dead.

His family told the outlet that Valencia suffered brain injuries that led to his death in a hospital.

Joe Castro, a friend of Valencia’s who witnessed the fight, described the atmosphere to KLAS-TV as an “underground fight club” and said Valencia decided to participate in the event even though he had zero boxing experience.

Castro said that at some point Valencia collapsed and a brawl broke out. He said that amid the chaos, Valencia received no medical help. “I saw no medical, no doctors, nothing,” Castro said.

The referee appeared to be poorly trained, and Valencia received several fatal blows as the crowd kept cheering, a boxing expert told KLAS-TV after reviewing footage of the fight.

11 Indicted in Fraternity Pledge’s ‘Tragic’ Hazing Death

Nicholas Lasso, an attorney representing Valencia’s family, told The Daily Beast in a statement that a “preliminary investigation” revealed that “mistakes were made and safety precautions overlooked.”

“College students should not be placed in a situation where they are pitted against each other for combat,” Lasso said. “We will leave no stone unturned to determine how a 20 year old ended up in a school-sanctioned amateur fight that cost him his life.”

In a statement on Friday, Keith Whitfield, President of UNLV, put some distance between the university and the event, calling the boxing match an “off-campus event intended to raise money.” 

Whitfield did not take responsibility for the event and its safety precautions, but said the university would be reviewing the incident to determine how future off-campus events can be “as safe as possible.”

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the incident. The police department did not respond to a request for comment.

A GoFundMe page raising money for Valencia’s funeral expenses said Valencia died on Nov. 23, days before his 21st birthday.

The page described Valencia as having a smile that “lit up every room he walked into.” It also described him as an active member of his fraternity. “He had so much love for his chapter and valued the genuine connections he was able to make.”

As of Saturday afternoon the page had raised nearly $46,000 for Valencia’s family.

The Kappa Sigma chapter of the university did not respond to a request for comment. In an Instagram post, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter that Valencia was part of expressed condolences to his family. The chapter did not respond to a request for comment.

Original Article: https://news.yahoo.com/college-student-dead-frat-diabolical-212328749.html

Alien Organisms Could Contaminate Earth Scientists Warn

The growing demand for space exploration is increasing the chances of alien organisms invading Earth and of Earth-based organisms invading other planets, scientists have argued in a new paper.

The researchers point to humanity’s record of moving species to new environments on Earth, where those organisms can become invasive and harm the native species; they say such behavior suggests the same could happen with alien life from another planet contaminating Earth and vice versa, according to the paper, published Nov. 17 in the journal BioScience.

“The search of life beyond our world is an exciting endeavour that could yield an enormous discovery in the not-too-distant future,” lead author Anthony Ricciardi, a professor of invasion biology at McGill University in Montreal, told Live Science in an email. “However, in the face of increasing space missions (including those intended to return samples to Earth), it is crucial to reduce the risks of biological contamination in both directions.”

Ricciardi and his colleagues use the paper to call for more collaborative studies between astrobiologists searching for extraterrestrial life and invasion biologists studying invasive species on Earth. “We can only speculate on what kinds of organisms might be encountered if astrobiologists were to find life,” Ricciardi said. “The most plausible life-forms would be microbial and probably resemble bacteria.” 

Related: 9 strange, scientific excuses for why humans haven’t found aliens yet

The scientists consider the risk of interplanetary contamination to be extremely low, partly because the harsh conditions of outer space make it difficult for potential hitchhiking organisms to survive a ride on the outside of a human spacecraft. However, we should still be cautious of interplanetary contamination based on the negative impacts that invasive species have had on Earth, according to Ricciardi.

Humans have damaged ecosystems around the world by allowing organisms to invade new environments they’d never reach naturally. For example, a fungus from South America called Austropuccinia psidii was introduced to Australia in unknown circumstances and is taking over the country’s native eucalyptus trees, stunting their growth and sometimes killing them. 

The researchers noted that insular ecosystems that evolve in geographical isolation, such as on islands and in countries like Australia, are particularly vulnerable to invasive species, because the native wildlife in those places hasn’t evolved adaptations to deal with such invaders. “Biological invasions have often been devastating for the plants and animals in these systems,” Ricciardi said. “We argue that planets and moons potentially containing life should be treated as if they were insular systems.” 

For evidence of interplanetary contamination, the researchers cited the Israeli Beresheet spacecraft that crashed into the moon in 2019 while carrying thousands of tardigrades, microscopic animals that can survive extreme conditions, including the vacuum of space, Live Science previously reported. A 2021 study published in the journal Astrobiology concluded that the creatures probably wouldn’t have survived the impact of the lunar crash but that the incident demonstrates the potential for biological spills. 

Space agencies such as NASA have long been aware of the potential risks of biological contamination, and planetary protection policies have been in place since the 1960s, according to Ricciardi. “However, unprecedented risks are posed by a new era of space exploration aimed at targeting areas most likely to contain life,” Ricciardi said. This includes the rise in private space exploration companies such as SpaceX that are making space more accessible, according to the paper. SpaceX, for example, aims to travel to Mars and beyond with its SpaceX Starship program. 

The researchers suggest increasing biosecurity protocols associated with space travel, focusing on the early detection of potential biological contaminants and developing plans for a rapid response to any such detections. 

Planets and moons have always exchanged material via meteorites, but human space exploration could accelerate contamination, said Jennifer Wadsworth, an astrobiologist at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland who was not involved in the paper.

The new paper is an “excellent overview” of the current and continuous need for strict and up-to-date planetary protection rules, Wadsworth said. One major issue is that current planetary protection guidelines are not mandatory, Wadsworth told Live Science. 

“The line between exploration and conservation is a thin one,” Wadsworth said. “One shouldn’t be abandoned at the cost of the other, but both require careful consideration and, most importantly, compliance.” 

Original Article: https://www.space.com/space-exploration-risks-alien-organism-invasion

Couple Mysteriously Disappears After Entering New Jersey Woods

Investigators continue searching for a missing couple, and the path takes them around local woods. Gary Parker, 67, and wife Lorraine Parker, 60, are believed to have entered the Pine Barrens on an all-terrain vehicle, the Stafford Township police in New Jersey said, according to The Asbury Park Press.

That vehicle was found Tuesday morning near their Cedar Bridge Road home. Gary’s shotgun was still strapped to it, officers said. The Parkers were last seen Wednesday, Nov. 17, but a neighbor discussed speaking to Lorraine last weekend, officers said.

It is unclear if they had cellphones. In any case, volunteers and first responders have been searching the Warren Grove area of Stafford. Officials are asking hunters to keep an eye out.

“As of 8 am my parents quad has been found along with my fathers shotgun which was strapped to it,” the couple’s daughter Lindsay Parker wrote Tuesday on Facebook.

“Still no sign of either of my parents. K9 units have done several sweeps and grid searches were performed. As of right now we have nothing new. Please keep both of them in your prayers. Thank you to everyone who has reached out.”

“The Stafford Township Police Department and the many assisting agencies have completed their second day of searching the heavily wooded area in Warren Grove for Gary and Lorraine Parker,” officers said Wednesday.

“We have completed our search of this area, which has included an extensive grid search by foot, ATVs, K9 dogs, drones, and air support. At this time, they have not been located. This missing persons investigation has been turned over to the Stafford Township Police Department’s Detective Bureau and the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office.

If anyone has information on the whereabouts of Gary and Lorraine Parker, please contact the Stafford Township Police Department at (609)597-8581 or Detective Sergeant Neil McKenna at nmckenna@staffordpolice.org. Our department would like to thank all of the assisting agencies for their support, and the support of the local community in Warren Grove.”

Original Article: https://lawandcrime.com/crime/couple-mysteriously-disappears-after-apparently-entering-new-jersey-woods-on-atv-the-vehicle-turned-up-near-their-home/

YouTuber Tragically Dies 5 Days After Posting Video Telling His Fans He Wasn’t Dead

A YouTuber tragically died just days after posting a video telling his followers that he wasn’t dead. 

Tor Eckhoff, who was better known by his YouTube username Apetor, uploaded a video on 22 November entitled ‘I Am Not Dead, I Am 57 Today’, in which he could be seen in a bathtub outdoors with the number 57 written on his head. He knocked back several shots of vodka and some ‘tea liquor’ and also filmed himself kissing a tree and wearing a plastic bag over his head. 

Tor traditionally made videos declaring that he was not dead on his birthday.

Tragically, just days after sharing the clip with his 1.2 million subscribers, Eckhoff fell through ice at Jakobs Dam outside Kongsberg.

Police said a witness called emergency services when they heard shouts, and they believed the accident occurred in connection to a video recording.

Despite being rushed to hospital, Eckhoff died the next day (Saturday 27 November), Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang reports

His partner Tove Skjerven told the news outlet: “We miss him terribly much, and it is a loss that will never let go. He has been everything to me and to our son.”

Credit: YouTube/Apetor
Credit: YouTube/Apetor

In a post on Facebook, translated from Norwegian, Skjerven said: “My dearest Tor. Friday the 26th. November was just a regular Friday. 

“You went to a water near Kongsberg, and you looked forward to skating. You should also film a little, which you should use in a video on YouTube. You messaged me when you arrived, with pictures of yourself and the water. Nice relationship, you wrote.

“But something went horribly wrong. You ended up in the ice water, and this time you didn’t get back up, like you did so many times before!

“In the end, you were picked up by divers and sent by air ambulance to Ullevål hospital.

“They did everything they could to bring you back to life, but you had been underwater for too long.

“On Saturday night John and I were with you when the doctors in the hospital turned off all the machines that kept your body going.

Credit: YouTube/Apetor
Credit: YouTube/Apetor

“Thank you for all you have been to Johannes and me. We have endless good memories, and we miss you so indescribable!”

Subscribers have paid tribute to Eckhoff underneath his last video, with one writing: “We will never forget the joy you brought us! Warm thoughts to the family.”

Another said: “Rest in peace, thanks for making everyone’s day better, Tor.”

While a third commented: “Thanks for all the joy you brought us. You will live forever.”

Original Article: https://www.ladbible.com/news/youtuber-dies-days-after-posting-clip-saying-hes-not-dead-20211129

Michael Cohen Explains Why Trump Won’t Run in 2024

Former President Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer and self-described “fixer,” Michael Cohen, had a very public falling-out with his old client in late 2018, when Cohen began cooperating with the FBI in its investigation of the Trump campaign.

Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison for lying to Congress, evading taxes, and facilitating hush money to two women who claimed to have had an affair with Trump.

With his prison stint officially over, Cohen has continued to warn the public of Trump’s corruption, much of which he witnessed first hand.

Trump remains the Republican favorite to win the GOP presidential nomination in 2024, but has yet to announce whether or not he actually intends to run.

In recent comments on Meet the Press, Cohen claimed Trump wouldn’t be running at all.

Cohen told Meet the Press anchor Chuck Todd:

“Yeah, so this should become a documentary, and it should be called the greatest grift in U.S. history. … So, one of the biggest problems for Donald Trump is that he makes a statement, right, that ‘I’m thinking about [running], I’m thinking about it.’ That’s only to keep the grift growing and to keep the grift going.

If he loses, and he will in 2024, what happens to the big lie? The big lie disappears. He can’t now be like the boy who cried wolf. ‘Oh, they stole it from me in 2020, they now stole it from me in 2024.’ Right? Now that goes out the door, and there goes his money, there goes the big grift. So, like I said before, it’s not going to happen. He’s going to run it — like he did in 2011 — right to the very, very last second.”

In earlier comments on CNN, Cohen also said Trump wouldn’t run due to his “fragile ego,” which couldn’t bear the branding of a “two-time loser.”

People were divided on Cohen’s assessment.

Many have their own theories on Trump’s participation in the 2024 election.

It’s likely the former President will wait until after the 2022 midterms to announce—or rule out—his candidacy.

Original Article: https://secondnexus.com/cohen-meet-press-trump-2024

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