5 thoughts on “Mom Banned from Volunteering at Kids’ School Because She’s on OnlyFans

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with the mom who has been banned from volunteering from her kids school because she wants to be available to “only fans”! That might be out of the ordinary but if it isn’t harming or insulting anybody else, it seems unreasonable to bann her from volunteering! Surely it should be acceptable for anybody to state with whom they want to be friends or just not be involved with everybody!

  2. This mom might be unusual in terms of her statement that she is on “only fans”! That should be her prerogative as surely she has the right to choose with whom she wants to be friends or in any other way in contact with all but fans of hersf!

  3. I am sure that if this was done on Facebook, it would be approved Sue the school. These schools want to show Porn to the kids that is down right awful..It is no body’s business, what She does, as long as it is Legal.

  4. So sick of all this bull crap. This is still America. Land of the free. We need to get rid of this administration that is destroying our great country.

  5. seems to me that the parent who found her on this site must have been looking through the site and should be the one that should be let go.

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