Internet Shocked by Woman Who Says Boyfriend’s Mom Asked Her to Let Him Cheat

Mama never said there’d be days like this.

An Australian woman has gone viral on TikTok after claiming her boyfriend’s mom asked if her son could have a special 18th birthday gift: a free pass to cheat with random women while he celebrated becoming an adult.

Chantel Thorn, now 23, made the shocking assertion in a video that has garnered a whopping 1.4 million views on the social media site.

“Remembering how my ex took me out to dinner with his mom so they could both try to convince me to let him cheat on me for his birthday,” Thorn captioned her TikTok clip.

The Aussie alleged that the incident occurred when she was 15 and her mama’s boy — who has not been publicly identified — was 17.

Thorn explained that she had been dating her walking Oedipus complex for just a few months when he invited her to meet his ma at a ritzy restaurant. During the doomed dinner, the trio discussed the boyfriend’s upcoming 18th birthday, which would mean he could legally drink and go out clubbing with his friends in Australia.

“I was only 15 at the time and couldn’t go along, so I just congratulated him and hoped he would have fun,” Thorn told Jam Press. However, the mother-son duo commiserated that he wouldn’t be able to have “the full experience of hooking up with girls at the club” because he was in a relationship.

“I didn’t really know how to respond to that,” Thorn recalled, adding that she felt uncomfortable. “But they kept talking about how when you go to the club you should be able to pick up girls and bring them home.”

A shaken Thorn thought her boyfriend was breaking up with her there and then — but all he wanted was her permission to cheat on her while in the club.

“His mom agreed that this was a very reasonable request. I wasn’t OK with it and tried to hold my ground that that would be cheating in my eyes,” she said.

Thorn's video has been viewed more than a million times on TikTok.
Thorn’s video has been viewed more than a million times on TikTok.

But the boyfriend’s mom was undeterred. She tried to negotiate a compromise by suggesting Thorn let him hook up with other girls — but only on his birthday.

Thorn refused to budge.

Things only got worse after the dinner, however, when the boyfriend accused Thorn of “embarrassing” him in front of his mom.

In a follow-up video shared to TikTok, Thorn added that the request was amusing in hindsight because “he was already cheating on me, like a lot. And he continued to cheat on me after this.”

The couple eventually broke up, with the boyfriend dumping Thorn via text on her 16th birthday.

“I was in a really horrible place when we started dating and being with him really didn’t help my self-esteem. I had no self-confidence and thought I didn’t deserve to be treated any better,” she explained to her TikTok audience.

Thorn says she is now in a much better place, and now has a partner who treats her "like a princess."
Thorn says she is now in a much better place, and has a partner who treats her “like a princess.”

The story resonated with many viewers, with one commenting beneath the clip: “Girls’ trauma is so underrated. Like we really were out here begging for the bare minimum and being told we don’t deserve it.”

Another stated: “Dude! My ex’s mom told him to go explore other women before committing. He then cheated saying he didn’t want to do it if we got married.”

Thankfully for Thorn, she says she is now in a much better place, and has a partner who treats her “like a princess.”

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