UFO Video Shows Pulsating Orb Drop Down from the Sky

A video exclusively obtained by DailyMail.com shows a pulsating orb caught on camera by FedEx pilots flying over Mexico – which experts say could be a UFO with a plasma forcefield that may help it fly or deflect radar.  

On March 19, 2020 two FedEx pilots were flying a cargo airplane near Monterrey, Mexico, when they saw a bright light drop down from the sky, stop at their altitude, shoot them with a beam of light, then move in tandem with the plane for over 30 minutes before flying away.

The captain shot a stunning video of the encounter, which was analyzed in a report by the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP), a nonprofit organization that studies pilots’ brushes with UFOs to help develop safety procedures.

The report did not name the pilots, as many in the aviation industry are still wary of the stigma around UFOs despite official acknowledgement of the phenomena by the U.S. and other governments.

The captain of the Boeing 767 cargo plane is ‘a career pilot with 19 years of experience flying wide-body aircraft for a major cargo company with an additional 10yrs flying KC-135 refueling tankers for the US Air Force,’ according to the report, while the first officer was a ‘career fighter pilot that flew f-15s before working in the private sector.’

They were described as ‘competent airmen, highly experienced with observing and identifying aircraft, and are capable of determining normal observations and incidents from unusual ones.’

The plane left Queretaro International Airport north of Mexico City at 8.05pm, and was about 150 miles south of Monterrey on its way to Memphis, Tennessee, when the unidentified object appeared.

‘The incident began when the First Officer, looking across to the left side of the cockpit, saw a yellowish white light descend into view from above,’ the report said.

‘He first believed that it was a meteor and began to say so when it suddenly stopped near the same altitude as their aircraft. The UAP [unidentified aerial phenomenon]/Light then projected an illuminating beam of bright, white, light on their aircraft, and appeared to take a collision heading.

‘At this moment the Captain also saw the beam of light projected onto their aircraft from the UAP/Light. Both crewmen, in the belief that an aircraft with its landing lights on had turned onto a collision heading with their aircraft, took a defensive attitude and prepared for evasive control inputs.’

But instead of heading to crash into them, the UFO then started to move in tandem with the plane between 1,000 and 2,000 ft away.

‘As they prepared to avoid the apparently approaching UAP/Light, the beam of light illuminating their aircraft ceased, and the UAP/Light suddenly accelerated to the same speed and heading of the aircraft, maintained separation, and paced the aircraft,’ the report said. 

In the video the captain can be heard expressing his shock and excitement at seeing a UFO, which he described as ‘a brilliant yellow white plasma object, teardrop shaped.’

The report said it had ‘no navigation lights or other features associated with airplanes’.

The captain took a five-minute video of the object, three other clips and eight photographs.

Mysteriously, the UFO did not show up on the plane’s radar.

‘I thought it was a shooting star but then it stopped,’ the former Air Force pilot said in the video.

‘It’s like an orb man, look at that s**t. It’s pulsating. This is awesome. And he’s not on TCAS [the plane’s radar].

‘That is s**t hot… Oh man, look at that thing dude.

‘That is an unidentified flying object bro, I can finally say I saw one. That is cool.’

‘You saw it just drop out of the sky and just stop?’ he asked his copilot.

‘Yeah. I thought it was a shooting star and then it stopped,’ the former F-15 pilot replied.

Discussing whether it could be a weather balloon, the captain said: ‘The only weather balloon we have is near [inaudible], it’s 15,000 ft AGL [above ground level]. This thing’s above our altitude.’

The 767 was flying at approximately 575 mph at 37,000 ft when the encounter happened.

‘As the aircraft and its attendant UAP/Light approached the Mexico/US border the UAP/Light began to flicker, it changed colors from yellow-white to pinkish/purple, and turned on a perpendicular heading away from the aircraft and parallel to the border without crossing into the United States,’ the report said.

‘We’re going to lose him in the clouds, son of a b***h,’ the captain said towards the end of the video.

‘There’s weather about 40 miles off our left wingtip where this thing seems to have disappeared. It didn’t have strobes or beacon or nothing.’

The captain filmed his radar screen showing no sign of the UFO, just patches of clouds to the west of the 767.

Aviation experts on the website Metabunk, including renowned UFO debunker Mick West, tried to explain the light as the planet Venus, and the pulsating as a deceptive effect from the camera autofocus adjusting its lens in the dark.

Although the flight was not identified in the NARCAP report, West identified it from flight records matched to the times in the report as FedEx flight FDX82, which departed Queretaro 50 minutes late at 8.55pm and arrived in Memphis around 12.20am.

West dug out star maps showing Venus was in a similar location in the sky to where the pilots saw the pulsating light, sitting about 10 degrees above the horizon at that time of night.

‘Out of focus with atmospheric distortion and focus seeking, it looks like a wobbly pulsating blob,’ he wrote.

West posted videos on the debunking forum showing how stars can appear to flash or ripple on camera from atmospheric distortions or heat shimmer, exaggerated by an autofocus lens coming in and out of focus.

However, the pilots told NARCAP they saw the pulsing, plasma-like appearance with their own eyes as well as capturing it on camera, and described seeing the pulsing light, as well as the inexplicable movement of the object – dropping from the sky, coming to a complete stop in mid-air and then matching their speed and direction.

NARCAP executive director Ted Roe says, ‘We have a database going back to 1916. It describes four basic types of UAP encounters and they are balls of light, spheres, cylinders and discs,’ he said.

‘I went through the analysis. There was some argument that it could have been an astronomical effect. Venus was quite bright that night.

‘But when you take the entire narrative of how they describe it dropped in vertically, stopped at their altitude and then paced their aircraft, that is a very consistent story. We’ve had many of those.

‘They flew northbound out of Queretaro Airport. Venus was quite high in the western sky at that point and bright, they were well aware of it. They were at 37,000 ft.

‘When he turns the camcorder towards his radar, which is probably the most important aspect of this case and really the only reason I took it on, it confirmed what I’ve been saying all along which is that UAP are intermittently detected on radar. He turned his camera on his radar monitor and there was no detection.

‘It also showed there were clouds to the West, and if Venus was parallel to his aircraft, appearing to be at his altitude, the clouds would have obstructed it.’

Roe said both the ‘teardrop’ shape that the UFO made as it moved through the air and the lack of radar return could be due to plasma surrounding it.

‘We didn’t get a clearly defined video of what this phenomenon was. But we have the description. It was teardrop shaped, white/yellow. I’m guessing that these things are plasma or have plasma involved in them,’ he said.

‘We use plasma to cut the radar cross-section on the reflectable parts of a stealth aircraft. They might use plasma actuators to absorb that signal rather than allow it to reflect.’

In 2011, researchers at the University of Florida wrote a report on a ‘proof-of-concept demonstration’ of how plasma could be used to make a wingless object ‘selflift, hover and fly’.

Their experiments, sponsored by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, involved ‘building, characterization, testing, and simulation of plasma actuators, aerodynamics, power and propulsion systems, micromachining and microfabrication.’

It has a staff of about 50 specialists that conduct ‘investigations, analysis, publications and activism related to UAP and aviation safety.’

NARCAP’s chief scientist, Dr. Richard Haines, has collected ‘over 3,400 cases of aviation-related observations and incidents involving unidentified aerial phenomena’ according to the organization.

Roe told DailyMail.com that one of his continued frustrations is that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) refuses to document incidents like those of the FedEx pilots.

‘The FAA literally will not accept their reports,’ he said. ‘The aeronautical instruction manual, which is the primary manual for air crews, tells them if they want to report a UFO they can contact a civilian UFO reporting center.

‘This has been going on for decades. The information is lost to the aviation system and safety planners because the data is never presented to the aviation system to begin with.

‘Recently we’ve had this UAP Task Force and government activity on the subject. In the report, the Director of National Intelligence on June 25 stated that UAP are a hazard to aviation, and they were rather clear about it.

‘When they were out looking for data, I can’t imagine what it was like going into the FAA’s offices, and saying ‘you guys must have all this great UFO data, we need it now,’ and there isn’t any because they’ve been telling the pilots they don’t take those reports.’

Original Article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10132309/UFO-video-shows-pulsating-orb-drop-sky-cruise-alongside-two-FedEx-pilots.html

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  1. The FAA and the U.S. government do what they always do in these cases, even when the information, both visual and physical, is overwhelming: DENY, DENY & DENY! Nothing has changed since 1947!

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