4 thoughts on “End of the world: David Attenborough sends ‘catastrophic’ warning: ‘Not false alarm!’

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  2. Bunch of hogwash. There is no valid proof that man caused or causes dramatic temp changes. Rather, science and history show a cyclical evolution, up and down, throughout time. Volcanos may alter air current flows, and quality of air in the short term, but changes, high and low have been happening from earliest of studies and recorded events,events, industrialization did not exist. This is a UN driven propaganda to aid 8n fully enacting AGENDA 21, AKA AGENDA 30.

  3. When are you people going to acknowledge GOD???? He is in charge of the heavens and the earth, GOD and GOD alone will destroy earth as promised in the Bible for a new heaven and a new earth! STOP THE MADNESS! And if your so worried about it, why don’t you ground the elites from driving 45 limos and huge sun’s for 1 stupid man!!!!! Jets from all countries spewing gas to get to a climate summit???? Really? You think we are that stupid??? THINK AGAIN!!!!!

  4. Man has nothing to do with Weather change, it is just cycles in the weather. It has been getting warmer since the last Ice age.
    Politicians are only using Weather change to gain more power. Politicians are liars, mainly democrats and liberals.

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